10 supplements and vitamins to help lose weight

There are many people who follow a diet to lose weight and dieting to reach the ideal weight in addition to exercise but we don’t get what we want.

One of the reasons for not losing weight although we reduce the amount of calories in the diet and despite the practice exercise is in the lack of one of the important vitamins of the body

In this subject you will recognize 10 dietary supplements and vitamins that help to lose weight

1. Vitamin D

we have all heard about the benefits of vitamin D for the body and for weight loss specifically and burning fat and vitamin D deficiency the body is associated with weight gain where the body converts sugar to fat faster rather than consuming it as a source of energy.

** Sources of subsidized dairy products

• Egg yolks

• Cow liver

• Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines

• Subsidized cereal

• Some kind of fungus

2. Calcium

maintaining bone health only but has a significant and important role in weight loss

** Calcium sources..

• Milk and yogurt are at the top of this list because they contain the highest proportion of calcium.

• Calcium-fortified grains

• Dark and leafy vegetables

• Almonds

3. Vitamin B12

vitamin B 12 is one of the vitamins that must be consumed if there is a deficiency in the body and which causes weight gain.

**Confiscation …

• Milk

• Liver

• Leafy vegetables

• Fish

• sardines

4. Fish oil supplements

supplements from health supplements, to contain omega 3, which stimulates enzymes to lose weight and fat burning

5. Carnitine supplements

are one of the most important amino acids in the body that help burn fat and carbohydrates and help lose weight faster when you exercise

6. Protein or (protein supplements)

protein has a great role in weight loss and helps build muscle and helps burn calories

**Protein sources

• Natural peanut butter

• eggs

• Canned tuna

• sunflower seeds

• lentils

• oats

• Milk

7. Iron

its presence in the body is necessary for the proper functioning of cells, and iron is also considered among the most important minerals and vitamins help on burning body fat.

** Iron sources

• Leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce

• Liver and red meat

• Brown rice

• Iron-reinforced grains

• Lentils and beans

• Tofu and soybeans

• Flaxseed and pumpkin. Figs

• Eggs

8. Magnesium

helps magnesium in thinness by controlling the level of glucose and insulin in the blood (fat storage hormone).

***Sources of magnesium

• Spinach and legumes. Bananas

• Seeds and nuts

• Salmon

• All cereals and potatoes

9. Vitamin c

people with vitamin c deficiency often have difficulty getting rid of fat

** Vitamin C sources

• Red Pepper

• Orange

• grapefruit

• Kiwi

• strawberry

10. Vitamin B.

Vitamin B helps to produce red blood cells and prevent anemia helps reduce osteoporosis and improve heart

**Vitamin B sources

Fish and seafood as well as fat-free meat. Eggs and dairy products. Whole grains like barley and brown rice. Nuts and seeds. Some fruits like bananas, apples, grapes and melons. Spinach, potatoes and some other vegetables.

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