30 important scientific facts you should know.

There are a lot of fun facts of science that a normal person don’t know about. By doing a lot of research, our scientists hav found some interesting facts.

The important facts of science that you should know are as follows:

1) In the mouth of a person, there are more bacteria than there are people in the world!

2) If scientists could create an artificial brain with computer chips, then to run it, it would be needed a million times more energy than it takes a real human brain.

3) Each person has a unique tongue print.

4) Electrical activity in the human brain is observed for an additional 37 hours after death, possibly because of a series of chemical reactions.

5) Your skin is renewed every 27 days. Most people throughout their lives are changing the skin around 1,000 times.

6) Your eyes take about an hour to get used to the darkness, but after that they become 100,000 times more sensitive to light.

7) In the human digestive system contains enough acid to completely dissolve the iron nail.

8) Your body loses 2.5 million red blood cells every second. Fortunately, at the same time, it creates more of them.

9) The hair on the chin are growing faster than any other part of a man’s body. If he had not shaved in a lifetime, the length of his beard would reach 9 meters.

10) If we combine into one chain out of eyelashes that you lose over a lifetime, it would have reached a length of 30 meters.

11) If all the blood vessels of the human body put together, their length will reach 97,000 kilometers.

12) When you hold a seashell to the ear to hear the “sound of the sea”, in fact you can hear how your blood runs through the blood vessels of the ear.

13) The world record for breath-holding is 7.5 minutes. Most people can not breathe only for one minute.

14) If all of your DNA molecule (the carriers of genetic information) stretch in a line, its length of 3000 will exceed the distance from the Earth to the Moon!

15) Fingernails grow four times faster than on foot.

16) In one day, your blood travels 19,312 miles!

17) The skeleton of the body, buried in a neutral-pH soil or sand, can persist for thousands of years.

18) If you look at your tongue in the morning, you will notice a white coating on it. These are the cells died off for the night.

19) You can die from suffocation in just 4 minutes.

20) Some sharks can detect the smell of fish at very low concentrations – one part per 10 billion.

21) Sharks have to swim all the time, so that the water is constantly passed through their gills. If they stop, they will drown.

22) Elephants are always walking on toes, because they do not have the back bone of the foot.

23) Insects annually consume 10 percent of the total stock of food in the world.

24) Cockroach can detect motion of the object which is two thousand times smaller in diameter than a hydrogen atom.

25) If a healthy earth worm cut in half in a certain place, it can grow a new head or tail.

26) Raindrop falls at a speed of 11 kilometers per hour.

27) Avalanches can reach speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds.

28) Lotus seeds can ascend after laying in the earth even after about 3000 years long.

29) On Earth, there are about 10 million species of living beings.

30) The world record for breath-holding is 7.5 minutes. Most people can not breathe only for one minute.

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