Alopecia treatment

The reasons of Alopecia :

The real cause of a sickness (alopecia) He’s still anonymous, where the hereditary worker is believed to prevail, Psychological
The alopecia attacking the immune system of healthy hair By mistake They deal with them as strange objects, resulting in making these factions smaller and slower in production, thus halting hair growth.

Factors contributing to its increase the alo

. Genetic agent: Although the cause of this immune disfunction is not clear A person is likely to have the alopecia one of his close family members is infected with the disease.

. Environmental factor: It may play an important role in the emergence of alopecia The matching twins are likely to have 50%

. Humans are afflicting the alopecia The human being is ill as a result of the weakness of the immune system, which attacks bacteria to the head, causing hair to fall, which leaves  Circle without hair.

the alopecia Disease of skin diseases that have a head vap and lead to hair falling in specific areas of the head, causing hair free circle

Here are the most prominent weeds and other natural materials that can be used for treatment.

The garlic

The garlic contains many anti-inflammatory and bacterial characteristics, and it is very good in the treatment and in obtaining the benefits of garlic following: 

. Put the garlic on the logic.

. Leave it for half an hour, then wash it well with warm water and shampoo To get rid of garlic smell

.Onion juice and Honey

improves the blood role of the head vap and stimulates hair growth.

Follow the steps:

. A spoon of honey with an onion spoon

. Put it on the head and leave it for an hour

. Washing the head with cold water

This disease affects everyone without exception, but it usually starts in childhood, and if a member of your family is infected, the risk of infection also increases.

Is it possible for my hair to grow again?

“There is an opportunity to grow your hair again, whether with or without treatment, but this hair will fall again.”

The severity and severity of the disease differ from one person to another. Some of the injured lose hair in small circular areas and then grow again and the disease never re-emerged, while others lose their hair and return to grow again and then lose it again.

He’s gotta put a hat on the head to prevent  from the sun.

Places that appear

the scalp

the chin

In any patch of hair


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