Benefits of stem cells for hair.

Hair is one of the most important signs of health and beauty, and many studies link it with self-confidence. And because of the beauty centers’ contribution to many solutions that preserve our beauty, we have provided stem cell injections for hair, as it is one of the modern methods that enjoy great popularity to eliminate various hair problems, and it is one of the areas of advanced cosmetic medicine in hair transplantation operations that eliminate hair problems permanently, such as Baldness in men and hair loss in women, as well as giving a feeling of confidence in the beauty and vitality of hair.

What are stem cells?

These cells are considered to have a very great ability to divide and form, and they can transform into many different types of cells according to the surrounding environment in which they are located.These cells are found in children’s bodies in huge numbers due to their need for them in the process of regenerative growth, as well as a defense means to compensate for everything. It is lost tissue.

Stem cells are characterized by many characteristics, the most important of which is their ability to renew themselves through cell division, and their ability to stop dividing for long periods according to the body’s need for them, and it is possible that they are stimulated in special circumstances and transformed into a specific tissue contrary to the tissue in which it arose.

Stem cell sources.

Obtaining stem cells that are used in the implementation of hair transplantation with stem cell technology from the patient himself, where the doctor withdraws small samples of fat that are found in the abdominal area, and this process is very simple and safe, and the doctor performs it for the patient several times without causing any complications for that after that.

By using a device that separates the cells and then extracts all the stem cells, then the doctor treats the fats that have been extracted from the patient, and no modified materials or chemicals are used for the patient’s body that sometimes the body does not respond to implanted in the scalp, and these are rare cases in which it does not respond. the body.

How stem cells work in treating hair loss.

Scientists have discovered a new method in treating hair loss with stem cells, and this method depends on selecting follicles that are able to divide to produce more than one hair in the same hair exit gap, and to extract part of the follicle and replant it, so that a number of hairs can be produced at a time when transplanted, The follicle regenerates itself again, but what is used in centers is the treatment of stem cells from fat, and this method relies on separating stem cells from fat and inserting them into the body, where it can help hair growth, and the process begins by suctioning a small amount of fat from the abdomen, In a step known as mini liposuction, Once these fats are suctioned out, the stem cells are separated using a centrifugal technique, and injected into the scalp with very precise techniques, after which you may notice the growth of short hair within the first two weeks, and the final results take approximately six months to appear.

Features and benefits of stem cell technology for hair.

Stem cell hair treatment is one of the very modern technologies that has many advantages, the most important of which are:

1. Rich in growth hormones that help restore damaged hair follicles to divide and grow.

2. This technique not only cures hair loss, but also improves the texture of the hair and increases its strength and softness.

3. It is considered a definitive treatment for the problem of hair loss.

4. It has almost no side effects, and is very safe, because it depends on the injection of substances and cells that are already present in the body.

5. Its results are fast and appear instantly.

6.The patient does not need to be under general anesthesia.

7. Low cost, unlike other methods such as DHI technology.

The ideal candidate in stem cell hair loss therapy.

1. The ideal candidate in a stem cell hair loss treatment is someone who has a good health condition, suffering from hair loss or alopecia. He does not suffer from any chronic diseases such as :

▪️ High blood sugar.

▪️ High blood pressure.

▪️ Blood thinners.

▪️ Blood clotting disorders.

▪️ heart disease.

2. Some analyzes must be done before the operation to make sure that there is no other organic cause for hair loss (such as anemia, for example), and if there is an organic cause, this cause should be treated first before starting the hair stem cell injection process.

Disadvantages and risks of hair stem cell therapy.

The stem cell hair loss treatment technique is completely safe and does not require a recovery period after the procedure. The injection process itself is simple and does not even require a local anesthetic, although some doctors prefer to use a local anesthetic to provide complete comfort to the patient during treatment.

The person may be exposed to some simple side effects that do not cause concern, including some itching in the head, or slight redness, or some tingling or numbness in the scalp. These minor symptoms can be controlled with traditional pain relievers and through some topical creams prescribed by the doctor.

When will the results of hair stem cell therapy appear?

Hair stem cells treatment does not show immediate results. Yes, you may notice short hair growth within the first two weeks, and the final results take approximately six months to appear.

Even with stem cell hair transplantation cases, the results do not appear directly because the transplanted hair is a part of the hair that has been redistributed to the scalp. In a short period of time, new follicles grow and increase the density of hair, accompanied by an improvement in the smoothness, strength and general appearance of new hair.

Benefits of stem cells for different hair loss cases.

Some research has found that stem cell hair loss therapy can be effective in treating various hair loss conditions, including:

1. Alopecia areata (male pattern baldness).

2. Hereditary alopecia areata (female pattern baldness).

3. Alopecia areata (in which hair follicles are destroyed and replaced with scar tissue).

4. Hair loss due to certain medical conditions such as: thyroid disorders, chemotherapy, seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections, and other emotional issues related to stress.

Stem cell ampoules for hair.

Hair stem cell ampoules are considered to have magical power to treat falling hair, damaged hair, thinning hair, split and curly hair, these ampoules are prepared by extracting the stem cells of organic plants using nanotechnology, and these ampoules contain argan tree stem cells, and vitamin B5, otherwise known as Pantothenic acid or panthenol, which is present in almost all living cells, as pantothenic acid works to create protein, secrete hormones, treat infections, eczema, itching and rashes, noting that it is easily absorbed by skin cells. This is due to its ability to penetrate the lower layers of the skin, as it consists of many vitamins and amino acids important for hair and skin.

The components of these ampoules are based on encapsulating the hair, which increases its thickness and strength to become difficult to break and thus this matter limits the split ends that occur when the hair is weak, and the components of these ampoules moisturize dry hair, and activate the skin cells that re-grow hair, stop its loss and intensify it. And give it smoothness and luster.

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