Causes of hair loss from the roots

Hair loss from the roots is a common problem that faces a large percentage of women and men alike. Regardless of the different causes of hair loss from the roots, the result in the end is light hair and an unpopular appearance, as it may lead to the appearance of head spaces or perhaps baldness in men.

Causes of hair loss from the roots:-
The rate of natural hair loss during the day is from 50 to 100 hairs, which is an unnoticeable number among the hairs of the head that reaches 100,000 hairs, and usually new hair replaces the lost, but often this does not happen, when a person suffers from hair loss from the roots A large number of hairs fall out every day, whether during combing or on the pillow after waking up, and you may notice the appearance of some empty spaces in the front of the head, and among the most important causes of hair loss from the roots:
1- Genetic factors: Genetic genes may play a major role in severe hair loss, especially for males, as some men develop baldness with age, and some women may face this problem as a result of genetic factors as well.
2- Hormonal changes: Imbalance of some hormones in the body is one of the known causes of severe hair loss. You may experience this in some cases, such as pregnancy, childbirth, stopping birth control pills, or menopause.
3- Some health problems: Many common diseases are associated with severe hair loss, such as thyroid disorder, immune diseases such as lupus erythematosus or fungal infection.
4- Some medical treatments: Some medical treatments or medications may cause hair loss among their side effects, such as cancer treatments, high pressure medications, arthritis medications, depression medications, and heart medications.
5-Anemia: Anemia or anemia is one of the health conditions resulting from a lack of hemoglobin and red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to the various cells of the body, so this affects many vital functions, and may lead to severe hair loss.

Hair loss treatment from the roots:-
According to the Cleveland Clinic, hair loss treatments range from moderate to severe, depending on the amount of hair loss and the length of time. The treatment is as follows:
-The use of topical creams and treatments that contain minoxidil, which is available without a prescription, as it can restore some hair growth, especially in people who suffer from hereditary hair loss, as it is applied directly to the scalp.
-Taking the treatment of Furiside that comes in the form of birth control pills, and it is not only for men, the treatment may need six months or more to ensure its effectiveness in stopping hair loss.
-Resorting to hair transplantation, or the use of wigs, which are resorted to if the hair loss is temporary, or for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

-Use anti-inflammatory medications. Steroid-based creams or injections can soothe follicles damaged by harsh chemicals or excessive tension.

-Laser treatment, which may help revitalize hair follicles and improve hair growth.

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