Causes of sudden weight loss.

Losing weight with a diet is a very healthy thing, but some suffer from rapid and unjustified weight loss and without following a specific diet with the aim of losing weight.

There are many diseases that cause unjustified weight loss, ranging from depression to a serious disease such as cancer.. What are the most prominent of these diseases and what are their symptoms?

Unexplained weight loss is attributed to many reasons, some of which are pathological and others are unsatisfactory. A combination of causes often leads to a general deterioration in health and the associated weight loss. Sometimes the specific cause may not be revealed.

More often than not, an unidentified cancer can lead to other signs or abnormalities that appear on laboratory test results, as well as unexplained weight loss.

Pathological causes of underweight.

Body weight can fluctuate between rise and fall regularly, but weight loss is usually persistent and in an unexplained manner by more than 5% of body weight over a period of 6 to 12 months is cause for concern, especially if this is associated with the appearance of some other symptoms, such as :

▪️ Fatigue.

▪️ Anorexia.

▪️ A change in toileting habits.

▪️ Recurring infection.

There are many medical conditions that can cause unexplained weight loss, and patients can help the doctor determine the underlying cause by noting any additional symptoms they are experiencing.

Common pathological causes of weight loss may include the following:

1. hyperthyroidism.

If an individual notices a significant decrease in weight, he should suspect that he has hyperthyroidism, especially if the decrease in weight is accompanied by increased hunger with heart palpitations, sleep problems and feeling hot all the time, all of these are common signs of hyperthyroidism.

The thyroid gland is a small gland in the form of A butterfly is located in the neck and helps regulate metabolism and growth, and when hyperthyroidism occurs, it means that it secretes more hormones than normal, which leads to major changes in the body.

2. aging.

Reaching the stage of old age means susceptibility to several symptoms and diseases, as well as the possibility of a total change in the lifestyle, and the nature of the work of the body’s systems. One of the symptoms of aging is the brain dysfunction caused by its effects, which target brain cells for the food process and feelings of hunger and satiety. This may lead the elderly to eat foods without the other or to stay away from eating in general.

3. Addison’s disease.

Addison’s disease is often caused by a rare autoimmune disease that damages the adrenal glands and prevents them from adequately producing the hormones cortisol and aldosterone. Thus, this disease is one of the causes of pathological weight loss.

4.  Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Inflammatory bowel disease refers to two inflammatory conditions of the digestive system with impaired immune system function, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. This disease can reduce the body’s ability to properly digest food and absorb nutrients, which can lead to malnutrition. And therefore underweight, especially in the youth group, and this is one of the causes of pathological underweight.

5. pancreatitis.

The pancreas secretes enzymes that help in the digestion process, and when any problems occur in the pancreas, this can lead to weight loss.People with pancreatitis tend to lose weight quickly, even if they eat normally, and the reason is simply that the body does not produce the enzymes responsible for the proper digestion of food. Symptoms of pancreatitis are:

▪️ stomach pain.

▪️ discolored or oily stools.

▪️ diarrhea and nausea after eating fatty foods.

6. Rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another disease that causes unexplained weight loss. It is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissues. This process affects appetite and causes weight loss. Another condition caused by rheumatoid arthritis is inflammation of the intestine, which affects The absorption of nutrients leads to unexplained weight loss.

7. Muscle loss.

Muscle loss, or what is known as muscular dystrophy, occurs when muscles shrink and their mass decreases, and this condition can cause unexplained weight loss, and there are many reasons that cause this condition, including:

▪️Lack of physical activity as a result of injury.

▪️ Malnutrition.

▪️ aging.

▪️ Apoplexy.

▪️ Multiple Sclerosis.

▪️ Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

8. Cancer.

Cancer is known to occur as a result of abnormal cells dividing and multiplying faster than normal, and according to the American Cancer Society, weight loss of more than 10 pounds may be one of the initial signs of cancer, especially in cases of pancreatic, lung, stomach and esophageal cancer.

That’s because cancer increases inflammation, which promotes muscle damage and disrupts appetite-regulating hormones, and a growing tumor may also increase the amount of energy the body burns at rest.

9. depression.

Weight loss can be a symptom of depression, which is defined as feeling sad, lost, or empty for at least two weeks.

Depression affects the parts of the brain that control appetite, which can lead to poor appetite and eventually weight loss. Its other symptoms also include the following:

▪️Constant sadness.

▪️ Loss of interest in hobbies.

▪️ Low energy.

▪️ Poor focus.

▪️ Too little or too much sleep.

▪️ Thinking of death or suicide.

▪️ irritability.

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