colic treatment for children

During the first five months after birth, your baby may colick when he cries for 3 hours, which is a common problem. Gas does not cause colic, but if your baby has colic, he may swallow air, which may lead to more gas.

Infant colic has many causes, and it is one of the annoying things for mothers, as it leads to severe crying of the child as a result of the pain he suffers in the stomach.

Causes of infant colic:

• Children’s colic is the result of problems with the digestive system, due to the lack of proper absorption of milk in the infant’s stomach.

• One of the reasons that lead to infant colic is smoking by the mother during pregnancy, which has a direct and negative impact on the child’s stomach.

• Gas infection, which is caused by air entering the stomach of the child during breastfeeding.

• Colic sometimes occurs as a result of development in the child’s cerebral nervous system.

Tips for treating infant colic and gas and how to avoid it:

1- Your baby’s position

Check the position of your baby while feeding him, try to sit him so that his head is raised above his stomach, and avoid swallowing air as much as possible by holding him when feeding him and using milk bottles that prevent air from leaking to your baby.

2- Burp your baby

Burp your child after eating. This is one of the easiest ways to relieve gas pain. If he does not burp immediately, put it on his back for a few minutes and try again.

3- Change the equipment

If you are feeding him, it is recommended to switch to a slower flow of nipple. There are also special types of feeds that are supposed to solve this problem. It is also preferable to adapt the nipple to the age of the child.

4- hot water

Try putting a bottle of hot water wrapped in a towel so that the child does not get burned, you can also fill the bathtub with a little hot water and put the child inside the tub, and also a warm bath can help your child get rid of gas and colic.

5- Baby massage

Gently massage your baby, put your baby on his back and push his legs back and forth like riding a bike, or you can put him on his stomach and then massage his back, it is effective in relieving colic, and you can gently massage the baby’s stomach in a clockwise direction.

6- Be sure of the foods you eat

Some say that the quality of foods the mother eats affects gas in infants, so if you are breastfeeding your baby may have trouble digesting some of the foods you eat that can leach through breast milk such as dairy products, caffeine and spicy food.


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