Dealing with negative emotions.

Feelings are that feeling and inner feeling that you feel in your life, and it represents an essential part of your formation and your nature, and is aimed at meeting your own psychological needs, or as a result of external factors:specific events, or dealing with people.

Feelings are translated into emotions, including internal and external emotions that appear in facial features, body language, or in words and actions.

There are positive emotions you feel, which bring joy in yourself, or hope, optimism, joy and other positives, and there are disturbing and painful feelings, and they may control you and your life in a harmful and negative way.

You may be exposed in your present life to what affects your feelings as a result of various life events and situations in your current time when you interact with others,you may suffer from negative emotions; Such as: anxiety and dread about the future; Things that haven’t happened yet, but are fears, tensions, or anxieties in your imagination for tomorrow.

Situations and people have a large role in your life, so you develop different feelings as a result of dealing with others, and what may cause you suffering and pain in your life is feeling negative feelings, and surrendering to them so that you can control your life in a way that harms you and may destroy you.

How do you control your emotions and don’t allow them to hurt you?

Negative feelings are subjective feelings, stemming from your own beliefs and your image of yourself, and here you need to re-see yourself in a way that returns to you with positivity and motivation, not negativity and self-destruction,including social feelings; That is, it is the result of interactions with others and public relations in our life.

The first step: recognize and understand the feeling you are feeling.

How do you feel? This is done by setting the title or defining the feeling; Are you angry? Anxiety? Sorrow? Stress? Helplessness? Injustice? remorse? The insult? Define clearly how you are feeling.

Negative feelings have signs that are visible to you outwardly, and have an emotional impact, and they may be accompanied by physical fatigue, for example a headache, or perhaps a rapid heartbeat.

The second step: the stage of discovery and knowledge of the reasons that cause this feeling.

Ask yourself in a calm dialogue: What happened and resulted in this negative feeling? Why am I angry? (If you feel angry).

The third step: is confrontation and recognition, or the acceptance stage; Meaning realizing, awareness and accepting that you are suffering from negative emotions, and remind yourself that this is a normal thing that happens to all human beings.

Accepting your feelings is a recognition and awareness of their existence, so do not deny them; Rather, it is your responsibility to confront it, and try to express it in whatever way suits you.

So you give her a space to get out of you.

One of the best ways to express your feelings is to plead with God and pray, and here it is very necessary for me to remind that your intention is purely for God, and that the intention is based on your desire to get rid of these negative feelings,and be certain that God is with you. Because you were sincere and sincere in intent, and His call to the Almighty and Sublime to help you improve and develop yourself and liberate it from what may harm you.

You are able to not negatively control these feelings or control you, and then when you feel the control of feelings over you, calm down, and do not rush to take reckless reactions, you may regret it later.After you get rid of the negative emotions that occurred to you from people or situations that you were exposed to in a previous time, your goal will be how to deal with the new feelings that you will be exposed to in the present and in the future.

If the negative feelings within you intensify, take a period of relaxation, rest, focus on deep breathing, and remain silent and calm.

Ablution, prayer, remembrance, praise, supplication and recitation of the Holy Qur’an – the best healing for hearts and for calming the soul.The more painful feelings you remember; Such as sadness, injustice, or others, try to go out to open places, and meditate on nature.

And if you are not able to walk in nature and change your location, use your imagination and your mind to remember things that please you and bring joy to your heart, and completely stop focusing or thinking about what is happening and bothering you, in the sense of distracting your attention to what makes you happy.

The effect of negative emotions on your body and health.

Continue reading this article to find out which emotions cause harm to your health, and here is a list of many tips for replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

Negative emotions and their effect on the body Each emotion has a specific effect on the body, but negative emotions can be divided into five categories.

1. Doubt and greed affect your heart – physically.

There are a lot of metaphors about “heartbreak,” and while the heart isn’t actually broken, having doubts in relationships or in life in general, and letting feelings of hate and greed take hold of you can hurt and exhaust him to the maximum.

2. Sadness and anger affect the lungs and the large intestine.

Feeling sad can cause digestive problems and also cause more difficulty breathing.

3. Anxiety and depression affect the spleen and stomach.

Feeling anxious and depressed may cause an increase in abdominal pain due to problems with digestion and the spleen, which is located near the stomach.

4. Anger affects the liver and the woman.

Excessive anger is not healthy for the liver, and this is confirmed by the experts. Anger causes indigestion, diarrhea in women, and menstrual disturbances as well.

5. Fear and laziness affect the kidneys and the bladder.

Perhaps the inability to control thinking about past negative experiences triggers these feelings. Lack of control over feelings leads to harm to the health of the kidneys.

6. Joy affects the heart.

The high level of enthusiasm may cause a shock to the heart, whether the cause of this matter is negative or positive events and pressures, and it also causes some side effects such as anxiety, insomnia and the emergence of health problems in the heart.

7. Laughter reduces stress.

When you laugh, the tension goes away, when you love the feelings of fear go away, and when you are happy, the depression is reduced. Therefore, these simple positive emotions can save your life.

Some of the known negative emotions and their positive counterparts that must be replaced by them.

1. Replace suspicion with confidence.

2. Replace greed with mercy and goodness.

3. Replace sadness with joy.

4. Replace anger with acceptance and peace.

5.Replace anxiety with reassurance.

6. Replace depression with vitality and energy.

7. Replace indecision with courage.

8.Replace hate with love.

9. Replace laziness with enthusiasm and activity.

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