Disadvantages of staying up late

Sleep early, wake up early and enjoy your life!

A person needs sleep to get rest and restore energy on a daily basis, and the quality, quality and number of sleep hours are among the most that can affect the activity and performance of the next day, and the idea of ​​staying up late has become very popular in this era with the presence of electricity and technology also that provides a full life in Night, but this change that contradicts the nature of life causes negative effects on health, which is known as the damages of staying up late on the body, mind and soul. Prolonged staying up late to watch the favorite series, to read a book, or to study may be a great solution to compensate for what they could not do during the day, but one must be careful of the harms of staying up late.

One of the English folk proverbs says that “an hour of sleep before midnight is equal to two hours after it.” This is not only the opinion of the popular sayings, but thousands of scientific researches around the world indicate the harms of staying up late on the physical and psychological health, the health of the pregnant woman, and the normal growth of children and fetuses.

What happens in the body as a result of staying up late and lack of sleep?

Sleeping at night is associated with the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which increases in the dark and decreases in the presence of daylight. And when you prolong the night and reduce the number of hours you sleep at night, you deprive your body of sufficient secretion of it, and the levels of this hormone in your body are disturbed, which negatively affects the regularity of the following functions you have:

1. The rates and times of sleeping and waking up (the biological clock).

2. Body temperature.

3. Fluid balance within the body.

4. Feeling hungry and full

Physical effects of staying up late:

1- Negative effect on heart health.

2- Increased risk of cancer

3- Decreased sexual desire in men

4- Obesity and overweight

5- Exposure to driving accidents

Psychological, neurological and cognitive damages:

1- Insomnia

2- Loss of concentration and learning difficulties

3- Forgetting

4- Depression

Effects of staying up late on the skin:

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol, a hormone closely related to stress:

• What negatively affects the collagen and protein in the skin.

• It leads to fading of its color and the appearance of wrinkles in it in addition to dark circles around the eyes, which may cause premature aging of your skin.

Disadvantages of staying up late for children and adolescents:

Recent studies have shown that 30% of teens who used to sleep after 11:30 p.m. on school days and after 1:30 a.m. while on vacation, did worse in school compared to their peers who didn’t stay up late.

Also, many studies indicate that children who stay up late and sleep late at night are more likely than others to develop obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Disadvantages of staying up late for pregnant women:

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, found a close relationship between the duration and quality of sleep that a pregnant woman gets during pregnancy and the smoothness of the birth process, as:

• The risk of complications during childbirth increases if the mother tends to stay up late and does not get enough sleep.

• Depression that may result from lack of sleep negatively affects the birth process and makes it more difficult

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