Everything you need to know about lip fillers.

Not long ago, plump lips became one of the most prominent signs of attractiveness and femininity and one of the most indicative signs of vitality and youth. And more self-confidence.

You may think that lip filler injection is a simple matter, and it is rare that anything goes wrong while performing this cosmetic step.

What is lip filler?

It is a process by which the spaces between the cells of the lips are filled with some materials that differ from each other in properties and uses, and they all share in the fact that they give the lips a youthful and fresh appearance, and increase their fullness and beauty.

Normal complications after injection.

Therefore, in case you want to enlarge your lips, as the first step, you must go to a doctor who specializes in dermatology, filler and botox injections.

Secondly, you must be aware of all the instructions before taking this step in order to avoid negative consequences and also be aware of the possibility of some natural complications after the injection.

▪️ You must inform the specialist doctor if you have previously suffered from any facial problems, sores, scars, or any kind of imperfection.

▪️ Hyaluronic acid is one of the safest substances that are injected into the lips, as it is a natural extract from the body.

▪️ Do not take any type of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or high doses of vitamin E before the injection, otherwise you will be at risk of bruising or bleeding at the needle site.

▪️ You will feel slight discomfort and pain, especially if you have sensitive skin.

▪️ After the injection, your lips will feel more swollen than you wish. This is normal, it will shrink in size little by little within two weeks, so do not inject lips shortly before any occasion or important event, and leave a period of time up to at least a month.

▪️ To reduce the severity of swollen lips, apply ice to them and try to sleep on a high pillow at night to reduce swelling.

▪️ Some small swelling will appear on the lips, which should disappear after a while. In case it does not go away, see a doctor and he will help you remove it!

▪️ Do not touch your lips for 48 hours after the operation, and avoid doing exercises that would accelerate blood circulation and increase swelling in the lips.

▪️ Do not eat spicy, creamy and high-salt foods, but go to healthier foods and drink plenty of water to moisturize the skin and prevent irritation.

The most important components used in lip filler injections.

There are a number of different components that are used in lip injections to enlarge them, and they are considered to be of the different types of fillers, including:

1 – Collagen.

Collagen is one of the most important materials used in injecting fillers. It is a protein substance that is naturally present in the bodies of mammals, and collagen formation decreases with age. Most of the collagen available to doctors is extracted from cattle, and some other types of mammals. But it is known that collagen may cause allergic reactions to some because it is extracted from cows and is therefore considered a foreign protein from the body, and it also increases the chances of exposure to filler clumps in the lips.

2 – Autoligen.

In this case, the collagen protein is extracted from the person who needs the collagen injection. The disadvantage of this process is that you will need a collagen extraction session first, and in the next session you can inject this collagen after purifying and preparing it. One of the most important features of Autoligen is that it does not cause allergies because it is extracted from known proteins for the body, and it is also less likely to lump in the lips. The disadvantage of this method is that it is temporary, because its results do not extend for more than four months in any case, and it is also a very expensive method.

3 – Articul.

A group of substances that include collagen and other synthetic or treatment materials that are injected into the lips. One of its most important advantages is that its results last for a longer period, ranging from six to eight months, and up to a full year in some cases. But like most chemicals, they cause more problems than natural substances, and they are also more likely to form fillers on the lips.

4 – hyaloform.

Hyaloform is a gel composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found naturally in the body. Its composition is similar to that of sugary substances that attract water, and thus it gives the lips a more vibrant appearance, and it is also less likely to form filler clumps in the lips. But its main disadvantage is that it is likely to be absorbed faster than the rest of the materials used in lip injections. Usually its results do not exceed a period of 4 months.

Features of filler lips.

There are many advantages of lip filler injection, such as:

1. Hide the signs of aging and signs of aging.

Lip filler injections are one of the most effective ways to hide wrinkles and signs of aging from lines around the mouth, which can also appear due to smoking.

2. Less side effects than other operations.

It has been shown that lip filler injections are less harmful than others because they do not cause allergies or other skin problems, however, you should consult a specialist before starting them.

3. Get plump lips.

One of the most important reasons that push women to take this step is to have plump lips to give a beautiful and vibrant appearance to women.

Lips filler damages and ways to avoid them.

1. Bleeding, swelling, or redness at the injection site may occur.

▪️ How to avoid it: Stop taking some blood-thinning medications such as: aspirin because it increases the risk of bleeding and bruising during the operation.

2. Women suffer from lumpy fillers in the lips, and this is due to the lack of experience of the doctor, which causes irregular injections in the lips, lumpy fillers in some of their sides and asymmetry of the sides of the lips.

▪️ How to avoid it: Choose a reliable doctor to do this procedure, and even if the result is a slight difference, he can easily adjust it.

3. You may become allergic to the injection components This is through your sensitivity to the used filler, or it may be a reaction from the body regardless of the quality of the materials used and the doctor’s experience in the injection process.

▪️ How to avoid it: Tell the doctor about any type of allergy you have, or do allergy tests to make sure before applying a filler.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always use filler solvents. They are some enzymes that can be injected into some asymmetric areas to adjust their shape, or to reduce the swelling of the lips slightly if they grow larger than you expected. It can also be used to completely dissolve the filler and get rid of the process as if it had not been.

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