Fingers swollen upon waking.

Many people suffer from waking up in the morning and noticing swelling or puffiness in the hands, this may happen on a daily basis, which causes a feeling of discomfort and inconvenience, because it hinders the ability to do the simplest tasks and morning activities.

Fingers swollen upon waking.

Swollen fingers upon awakening occur when fluid builds up in tissues, and can be caused by many factors, including temperature changes. If the fingers swollen when waking up is caused by a medical problem, the treatment of this problem is supposed to get rid of the  swelling of the fingers .

Why does the fingers swell when waking up?

The reason is that lying down all night causes fluid to accumulate in the tissues of the hands, which causes them to swell.

Stretching your arms and hands early in the day can help circulate fluid.

Here are some examples of simple exercises you can try:

▪️ Pull both arms above the head toward the ceiling, and hold this position for a few seconds.

▪️ Hold the arms straight in front of the body, then slowly draw circles in the air with the wrists.

▪️ Gently clench your fingers and release them, and repeat the movement five times or as long as is comfortable.

Symptoms of swollen fingers.

Symptoms of hand swelling vary according to the cause or cause of the disease, and this swelling may be caused by an infection, so the accompanying symptoms are coldness, fever and redness of the fingers of the hand, in addition to other symptoms, for example:

▪️ Finger color changes.

▪️ Feeling cold and cold.

▪️ fatigue.

▪️ Severe rise in body temperature.

▪️ Tingling and pressure in certain areas of the hands.

▪️ There are some purulent fissures and lacerations.

▪️ Joints cannot move normally.

▪️ swollen joints.

Causes of swollen fingers when waking up and ways to treat them.

There are many reasons for the fingers to swell when you wake up in the morning, including the following:

1. Arthritis.

The  arthritis  would lead to swelling of the hand when you wake up from sleep, there are different arthritis types are likely to be the reason behind the swelling and inflammation include the following:

▪️ Osteoarthritis: Also known as degenerative joint disease, it affects the cartilage that mediates the joints.

▪️ Rheumatoid arthritis: affects  rheumatoid arthritis  immune disease on the joints and other parts of the body.

▪️ Cervical spondylosis (Cervical spondylosis): This affects the disease is common on the joints of the neck, and the more advanced age increased chance of developing this disease, can lead to pain and swelling of the fingers.


The treatment of arthritis usually gets rid of swollen fingers when waking up from sleep, and it also relieves severe pain, and treatment methods include the following:

▪️Drug therapy: Medications are often used to treat arthritis, including:

▪️Painkillers, such as: acetaminophen, and tramadol .

▪️Narcotic medicines, such as: oxycodone , hydrocodone.

▪️Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as: ibuprofen , naproxen sodium.

▪️ Physical therapy : It can help restore joint function.

▪️Surgical treatment: In some cases, doctors perform a surgical intervention, such as: joint repair or replacement.

2. Pregnancy .

During pregnancy, the body excretes approximately 50% of fluids and blood. Some of these fluids and blood may fill the tissues of the hands, feet, and ankles, leading to swelling of the hand upon waking, and swelling of other parts as well.


Usually, you do not have to worry about swollen fingers when you wake up due to pregnancy, although you should consult a doctor because swollen hands can be related to blood pressure or albumin. Sometimes reducing the amount of sodium in the diet and increasing drinking water is enough to treat the problem.

3. Scleroderma.

Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that targets connective tissue. This disease is not contagious or cancerous.

One of the early symptoms of scleroderma is as follows:

Swollen hands and swollen fingers upon waking.

Muscle lethargy at night.


Because mild cases can become more serious if not treated, going to the doctor and consulting him is necessary, most of the time the treatment is as follows:

Treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs.Occupational therapy.

4. Kidney disease.

Fingers swollen when waking up can be due to water retention.

Kidneys rid the body of toxins and excess fluid. Swollen fingers may be a sign that the kidneys are malfunctioning.


If the swelling of the extremities is accompanied by symptoms such as shortness of breath with little effort, unusual fatigue, and difficulty thinking and concentrating, a nephrologist should be consulted to diagnose the condition.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be diagnosed in people who use their wrists a lot.


Wearing a wrist splint at night, to prevent bending the wrist during sleep in a way that causes the fingers to swell upon waking.

6. Diet.

A diet high in sodium causes your fingers to swell when you wake up.


Eat a healthy, low-salt diet.

7. Bad sleeping position.

Sleeping on the side with the hand down the side pressed to it, causes the fingers to swell upon waking.


The sleeping position should be changed to fit the hand and prevent its swelling.

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