First aid in case of tongue swallowing.

We hear a lot in recent years about cases of tongue swallowing or tongue swallowing, but we do not know the reason! And perhaps some people died because of this movement without those around him knowing how to provide first aid, believing that this case occurs as a warning of death, so they stand with their arms crossed.

The tongue is a muscle found in the mouth. It plays a major role in articulation and speech. It also helps the teeth in the process of chewing, moving food and swallowing. Plus, it contains the taste buds that make us feel and enjoy the taste of food. And the tongue does not contain any bones, meaning that it is a completely soft tissue, and its average length is about ten centimeters.

As for swallowing, it is defined as a process in which food moves from the mouth to the pharynx and then to the esophagus, without entering the airways. Therefore, the swallowing process ensures that the food or thing swallowed completely moves from the mouth to the esophagus, and this does not happen with the tongue. It is attached to the jaw and cannot be separated from it.

Swallowing tongue (Flaccid tongue) is a medical condition in which a relaxation of the tongue muscle occurs, which causes the tongue to go backward, causing a closure in the air passages. It occurs mainly due to loss of consciousness as a result of serious injuries, such as exposure to a traffic accident.

_Causes of tongue swallowing.

There are many causes of tongue swallowing, the following are the most important reasons that lead to swallowing the tongue:

▪️ Blows to the head, especially if the injury caused a concussion, because these accidents lead to loss of consciousness, increased electrical stimulation in the brain, and brain dysfunction.

▪️ Neurological convulsions, or what is known as epilepsy.

▪️ Deficiency in blood circulation, such as atrial fibrillation, which leads to swallowing the tongue.

▪️ Low blood sugar.

▪️ Difference and disturbances in the ratio of several important elements in the blood, such as potassium and sodium.

▪️ Taking an overdose of the drug.

▪️ Loss of consciousness, which is the main cause of tongue swallowing, especially if it is accompanied by lying on the back and relaxing muscles.

_ Tongue swallowing aid.

1. Relief of swallowing the tongue caused by loss of consciousness.

The aim of the tongue swallowing aid procedure is to open the airway with minimal movement of the cervical spine, and tongue swallowing aid should be performed by trained paramedics when there is a suspicion of a spinal cord injury; Because moving or lifting the chin may cause the cervical spine to move, resulting in other damage.

The following are steps to help swallowing the tongue using the chin lift procedure:

▪️ Kneel behind the Injured head, immobilize and support the Injured head, aligning the head, neck, and spine.

▪️ Place your hands on Injured side of the face with your fingertips at the angle of the lower jaw.

▪️ Gently raise the jaw to open the airway, and be careful not to tilt the neck, as the movement of the jaw moves the tongue forward into the mouth, opening the airway.

▪️ Do not put your fingers in the person’s mouth, trying to push the jaw to open the airways.

▪️ Call 911 and get help as soon as possible.

2. Relief for swallowing tongue caused by epilepsy.

One of the causes of tongue swallowing is also epilepsy, as a person with epilepsy may lose consciousness during epileptic seizures, in the following steps that explain how to aid swallowing the tongue for people with epilepsy:

▪️ Help the person get a proper position if their epileptic seizure begins while standing.

▪️ Gently turn the person on one side to avoid inhaling or introducing any foreign objects into their airways.

▪️ Remove any potentially dangerous items, such as sharp objects, to prevent any injuries.

▪️ Place a towel, folded jacket, or something similar under the patient’s head to keep it secure and stable.

▪️ Remove the glasses if the patient is wearing them.

▪️ Loosen the necktie and remove jewelry around the person’s neck as it can hinder breathing.

▪️ Calculate the duration of the seizure. In the event that the seizure continues for more than 5 minutes, you should call 911.

▪️ Stay with the person until their seizure ends and they regain consciousness.

What to avoid when swallowing the tongue?

When performing a tongue swallowing aid operation, you must avoid some procedures that may endanger the patient’s life or may worsen the condition, in what follows some of these steps:

▪️ Do not place a pillow under the head of an unconscious person; This may disturb his breathing.

▪️ Do not try to force them to stand up.Avoid smacking or splashing water on the unconscious.

▪️ Do not try to get any liquids in their mouth.

▪️ Do not stick your finger in the throat of the unconscious person, trying to remove anything stuck in you that is not visible Because this may cause it to enter the respiratory tract more, just remove anything stuck blocking the airway if it is visible to you, and press and hold on the person’s chest if there is something stuck in the throat of the unconscious that prevents them from breathing.

▪️ Do not leave unconsciousness unattended.

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