Fractional Laser For The Face .


Fractional laser as it solves many skin problems, the most important of which are wrinkles, pigmentation and the effects of grains, which are not eliminated using many different methods, whether using natural recipes that do not give any result or creams medical that gives a temporary result,And soon the skin returns to the way it was in the past, and many women found that the fractional laser is the solution to eliminate all skin problems, but before conducting it, it is necessary to search well for the best doctor who performs this technique in order to avoid exposure to major problems such as burns caused by the fractional laser, and a professional doctor must be chosen in Doing this technique.


Fractional laser is one of the most advanced and modern types of laser. Its work and technology relies on the basic laser skin treatment technology , which is based on the presence of several different layers of the skin, each layer consisting of a specific and distinct group of cells that together perform the function of the skin.

The cells in the skin produce collagen and many other important components needed to form it, give it flexibility and strength, and give it freshness and health.

The intended area of ​​the facial skin is exposed to laser rays, and these rays affect the outer layer, which does not need this effect, on its way to affecting the middle layer, which activates its cells, divides, regenerates and produces collagen to give new skin better than the previous one.

In the case of fractional laser treatment for the face, the modern technologies of laser devices work to collect its rays in an intense and focused form that penetrates the outer layer at specific points and then moves from it to the middle layer and spreads in it to stimulate its cells, all without affecting any other surrounding tissues or areas of the outer layer To whip too much.

The main difference felt by the average person between the traditional laser treatment for the face and the treatment of laser Vrakeshnal face in a period of convalescence and the severity of the swelling and irritation that appear on the face after treatment, in normal laser will be two or more weeks period , while in Lafrakhenal laser may not increase the duration of a week later Redness and swelling completely disappear and you may be able to see results or begin to develop.


During the fractional laser session, you will not need a general anesthetic or even a local anesthetic injection. Rather, the doctor will just apply an anesthetic cream to your face, which will make you lose most of the feeling in your face or cause a sense of numbness and prevent you from feeling pain while exposing your skin to the laser.

Depending on the type of fractional laser for the face that you are using and the purpose you want it for, the doctor will put you some dyes or gels that help the laser beams to penetrate directly into your skin, and the penetration is done using a device dedicated to collecting and intensifying the laser beams and directing them to specific points on your face.

The amount of laser that your skin will be exposed to and the time of the session depends on the area being treated and the poor or simple condition of your skin and its need for treatment, but a fractional laser session on average takes an hour or an hour and more, and of course the treatment needs between 3 to 5 sessions between each session and a session for about a month.


▪️Fractional laser can be used in all areas of the body without exception and gives great results.

▪️The most important and most common areas are the face, neck and hands, and it gives great results in skin peeling.

▪️There are several types of fractional laser technology, including strong and medium ones.

▪️Those under the age of 50 are often nominated for the medium, while those who are older are suitable for the stronger type of CO2 because it gives a better result with their cases.

▪️Fractional facial treatment is used in cases such as scars resulting from acne or acne scars after treatment that do not disappear without it, or even scars resulting from any previous injury or due to a previous surgical or cosmetic operation.

▪️Fractional laser can also be used in the treatment of facial and neck wrinkles that appear with age and small wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

▪️A large part of the facial fractional is used in the treatment of drooping eyelids, their wrinkles and beautifying them, especially that modifying the eyelids sometimes with a very small amount can completely change the shape of the face.

▪️Fractional laser also treats pigmentation, skin discoloration, dark and brown spots that appear on the skin for any reason.It helps in treating the pregnancy mask, which is a change in the mother’s chromosomes during.

▪️pregnancy that causes the appearance of many dark spots on her face, and it happens to some women, and the laser can treat them.

▪️Sunburn on the face is one of the most common conditions that a facial fractional treats, of medium and advanced degrees, which is difficult to treat by other means and leaves a lasting effect.

▪️Some people are not candidates to undergo fractional laser facial such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, diabetics and blood thinners.


Before starting the trials of the fractional laser for the face, there are a set of tips that it is best to follow and that your doctor will often advise you on:

▪️ First, choose your doctor carefully because doctors who are inexperienced or inexperienced in using fractional laser technology can cause you major problems, so choose your doctor carefully based on his experience and other successful experiences with him.

▪️ Before going to the laser session, make sure to prepare several ice packs with you and at home, because you will need them urgently during the first 24 hours after the facial fractional laser session, at least.

▪️ Make sure to use a soothing face wash during this period.

▪️ Avoid direct exposure to the sun and use sunscreen so that your skin gets comfortable before exposure to the laser.

▪️ Stop using any cosmetics on your face, whitening creams, face scrubs and other such products and leave your skin to normalStop using anti-aging and wrinkle removal products.

▪️ If you take any kind of medication on a regular basis, tell your doctor to tell you if you need to stop taking it or not.

▪️ Avoid taking blood thinners, medications that cause you to be sensitive to light, and vitamin A before the fractional laser sessions.

▪️ Before going to the session, make sure that you are early so that you take your time after the doctor puts anesthetic cream on your face.

▪️Eat several hours before the fractional laser session so that you do not feel dizzy.

▪️ Wear something comfortable so that you don’t have to bother taking it off after a fractional laser session.

▪️ When you arrive, your facial skin should be completely normal without any lotions or creams.


The fractional laser for the face is characterized by a short recovery period after it compared to the regular laser treatment, but this does not mean that you will not suffer from redness and swelling, especially during the first days after the session. At that time, you will need to use ice packs and a soothing lotion on your burned skin from laser rays to reduce its pain and redness.

Within about a week, all the swelling, bruising and redness will begin to disappear, then your face will become more clear and you may start noticing some changes or results, it is difficult to find a significant or effective result after the first session of the fractional laser, but it increases and the change gradually develops until it reaches the complete change after the last session And you get what you want.

During the periods following the sessions, you should rest for several days at home, avoid fatigue and effort, eat healthy food, soothe your skin and relieve its pain.

It is worth noting that people have different skin types from each other and therefore you will always find them differing from each other in their ability and response to laser treatment, some of them may show the result they hoped for after the first session and some are waiting for the last session, some need only three sessions and others need six sessions of fractional Laser until it reaches the same result, so do not rush to judge what you have achieved compared to others.


In the first few days after a fractional laser facial treatment, a very thin layer of lightweight moisturizing cream or vitamin C serum can be applied, which penetrates the skin better after the treatment.

Doctors recommend washing the face twice daily with a gentle cleanser and not using any facial scrub at all after the fractional laser.

You can apply a thin layer of Vaseline, or light layers of creams intended for sensitive skin, and avoid applying large amounts of skin moisturizer so as not to clog the weak skin after treatment.

The mixture of milk and ice water helps calm the skin and relieve the sensation of heat after the fractional laser, as the lactic acid and fats in the milk heal the skin.


▪️There is still a risk of burns on the facial skin due to the increased intensity and power of the laser beams on it, which leaves a trace or scar that needs to be treated again.

▪️Some scars will appear and your face will suffer from pain, redness and swelling for several days, but these are normal effects and disappear after a few days, but if they do not go away, you need to visit your doctor and ask him about the Problem .

▪️Some types of fractional lasers, which are strong and sharp, cause the appearance of small wounds in the place where the laser beams have gathered and focused to enter the skin and these wounds need several days to recover, but sometimes they get infection or inflammation and need treatment quickly before the matter gets worse.

▪️ The laser may cause a change in skin pigments and instead of solving a problem or eliminating a crisis, it causes you a new problem when light or dark spots appear in the place where you used the laser.

▪️ Some people have a violent reaction to the laser because it causes the activation of a bacterial, viral or fungal infection in the place that was exposed to the laser, and this infection spreads fiercely and needs immediate treatment.

▪️ Some people respond to the laser with the appearance of pimples and acne-like pimples for a while, but with time they disappear and fortunately do not leave traces or scars.


Despite the advances in laser technology, which have greatly reduced errors, complications and adverse results still occur, including skin burns after fractional laser.

The causes of facial burns after fractional peeling are often due to receiving treatment in unlicensed centers, or by unspecialized people, who misevaluate the skin, choose the appropriate treatment, determine its degree, and incorrectly apply it.

It should be taken into account that redness, swelling, and a feeling of skin heat are all normal after a fractional laser, and skin care and protection from the sun’s rays should be made to protect against any complications such as skin burning or the appearance of dark spots.

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