Gibran Khalil Gibran

Gibran Khalil Gibran is a Lebanese-American poet, writer, writer and painter, one of the diaspora writers and poets. He is also considered a philosopher, although he himself rejected this title, and he is the author of the book “The Prophet”. Gibran was born to his Maronite Christian family on January 6, 1883 AD in the town of Bcharre in northern Lebanon. He grew up poor. His father worked as a salesman in a pharmacy until he lost his job due to the large number of debts accumulated on him and his preoccupation with gambling, and his mother was “Camelia Rahma”, and he did not receive formal education and was learning Arabic and the Bible from the village priest. A boy emigrated with his mother and siblings in 1895 to the United States of America to study literature and begin his literary career, writing in both Arabic and English. His style was characterized by romance and is considered one of the symbols of the height and prosperity of the era of the renaissance of modern Arabic literature, especially in prose poetry.

Gibran was a brilliant artist, especially in painting and watercolors, as he joined the Julian Academy Art School in Paris during the period 1908-1910 AD, where he followed a romantic style on the rising realism of his time. Boston in ( Day’s studio ).

Gibran Khalil Gibran established the Qalamiya Association with “Mikhail Naima, Abdel Masih Haddad, and Nassib Arida”. The idea of ​​the Qalamiya Association was to renew Arabic literature and remove it from the stagnant swamp, as Iskandar Najjar narrates in his book that he wrote on Gibran and bears the name (Gibran Khalil Gibran) .

Gibran was known for his emotional and intellectual relationship with the Palestinian writer and writer ( May Ziada ), where they met through correspondence and never met and exchanged love letters between the United States and Egypt. The relationship between them began when May wrote to him after she was informed of his story of Broken Wings, and she admired his ideas and opinions, and discussed them with him. Their relationship lasted for nearly 20 years, until Gibran died in 1931, and the two lovers remained single.

Gibran wrote most of his books in the Arabic language, but he also penned some collections and books in English, then they were translated into Arabic at a later time, and he was a master in both languages.

Of his Arabic works: –

-Meadow brides


-Badi’at and al-Anarif


-rebellious souls

-broken wings

Of his English works: –

-Jesus is the Son of man

-Sand and froth

-The Prophet – It is considered one of his most famous works and comes in 26 poems and has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Gibran considered the word a weapon comparable to missiles, and thus he tried to use it with all knowledge and talent to produce a literary full of wisdom, reform and ideas that intended to change humanity for the better, and to deliver his Arab nation from the rule of the Ottoman Empire that he fought in his books and letters.

His death: –

Gibran Khalil Gibran died in New York at the age of 48 on April 10, 1931, after suffering from tuberculosis and cirrhosis. He recommended that he be buried in his homeland, and his will was actually fulfilled a year after his death in his old cell in Lebanon, and then transferred to a museum named “Gibran Museum”.

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