HIFU face lift technology.

Many women are looking for the best and most appropriate way to tighten the skin and eliminate sagging, which contributes to countering the effects of aging and fatigue that appear on the face, and in light of the multiplicity of different techniques and recipes, some of which are safe and the other is not scientific.

This article explains the most important information about the “HIFU” technique that relies on to lift the face and muscles with ease.

HIFU technology was recently developed to get rid of skin problems, the most important of which are aging and sagging, and as it is one of the techniques that do not use surgery, it is considered one of the techniques of great demand

What is HIFU?

It is a non-surgical procedure used to tighten the face and neck, where ultrasound waves are sent to the layers of the skin to heat it up, thus tightening the muscles and enhancing collagen production in the body to obtain a more youthful and youthful complexion. On the skin, it does not need a recovery period after performing it, and it is very useful for those who suffer from sagging in the eyes, mouth and neck.

Features and benefits of HIFU face lift technologyGet more elastic skin.

▪️ Increase the freshness of the skin.

▪️ Lower jaw line improvement.

▪️ Get rid of bags and bags under the eyes.

▪️ Get rid of wrinkles.

▪️ Reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the face and neck area.

▪️ Cheek lifting and tightening without surgery.

▪️ Reducing acne severity.

▪️ It works on the deeper layers under the skin.

▪️ The lack of certain precautions after completing the treatment session.

▪️ It is possible to return to work and to normal activities immediately after the “HIFU” sessions.

▪️ It works on the effect on the deep layers of the skin, which stimulates collagen production, as it tightens the skin and gives it its freshness.

▪️ Lifting cheeks, tightening them and giving them an attractive look without surgery.

▪️ The effect of HIFU lasts for long periods without experiencing side effects.

▪️ It treats dark circles under the eyes and signs of aging as well.

▪️ Makes the skin smooth, more elastic, lustrous, attractive and supple.

▪️ It works to define the jaw as well as raise the eyebrows, and lift the cheeks.

▪️ Lightening and freshness of the skin.

▪️ Hifu treats double chin and sagging skin in the neck.

▪️ The HIFU device works to tighten the body and wrinkles.

Cases that can receive the “HIFU” face lift technique.

The most prominent cases in which the “HIFU” technique can be performed, for face and skin tightening.

1. The most appropriate age is over 30 years of age for those who notice a sagging of the face or neck skin.

2. The face and skin lift procedure with HIFU technique is performed after diet programs at younger ages.

3. People between the ages of 40 to 50 years.

4. People who have had surgery before and want to keep the results of the operation as long as possible.

What is the way to use the Althera device to lift the face?

▪️ Before using the HIFU device on the skin, the skin is cleaned well.

▪️ Sterilize the skin and apply a suitable anesthetic to the areas to be treated.

▪️ Directing the device on the skin to be treated, taking into account its correct orientation and continuing to apply it from half an hour to 90 minutes, after which the device is lifted from the skin.

Harm to the HIFU face lift device.

1. Immediately after the session, you will feel some heat and tingling that will subside after a short time.

2. Also, the treated skin areas can sometimes become glowing or red in the hours following the session.

3. Possible short-term sensations of tingling and swelling. In rare cases,It might be some bruising or numbness, but it usually disappears within a few days of the session.

What are the uses of the HIFU device.

▪️ Hifu device to tighten the skin.

▪️ The hifu for the buttocks.

▪️ HIFU for the body and to get rid of wrinkles.

▪️ HIFU device for the sensitive area.

▪️ Neck HIFU.

▪️ Abdominal HIFU device.

▪️ Hifu for double chin .

▪️ Hifu for folds of the nose and lips.

What are the contraindications for undergoing HIFU?

There are some cases in which it is not possible to use HIFU, but most of them are temporary cases that only need some time:

1. Open face injuries and wounds.

2. Metal stents in the face and neck.

3. Within two weeks after the botox injection.

4. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

5. Taking anti-thrombotic medications.

6. Hemorrhagic diseases.

Other medicinal uses of haifu.

▪️ Neurological disorders.

▪️ Poliomyelitis and fibroids.

▪️ Prostate cancer and other types of cancer.

▪️ Prostate enlargement.

Advice: It is preferable to perform Haifu technique after the age of 30 years, as most people only need one session, but some may need an additional session or two at intervals depending on age and skin condition.

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