His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein                        May God protect him

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein Al-Hashemi (born in 1962 AD) has been the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since 1999.

He succeeded his father, His Majesty the founder, King Hussein bin Talal, may God have mercy on him, after his death.


His Majesty King Abdullah II ascended the throne of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on 7 February 1999, on the day his father, His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, may his soul rest in peace, passed away. King Abdullah II is the 41st generation direct descendant of Prophet Mohammad, Peace and Blessings be Upon Him.

Knowledge journey.

The stages of His Majesty’s life, since his birth in Amman, were a record of knowledge that accumulated in him awareness, culture and knowledge that made his biography a model for the seeker of knowledge from its sources, with a real awareness of the importance of civilized communication between different peoples, and an insistence on possessing quality experience reinforced by a civil and military education at the same time.

His Majesty’s educational journey began at the Islamic Scientific College in Amman in 1966, and His Majesty completed his studies at Deerfield Academy in the United States of America and at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

He added to his academic studies a variety of military experiences in the United States, Britain and Germany, after graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where he started in the Arab Army as commander of a company in the Royal Tanks Brigade / 17, in 1989, and he remained in the military ranks until He became commander of the Royal Special Forces in 1994, with the rank of brigadier general, and reorganized these forces according to the latest international military standards.

This distinguished type of education enjoyed by His Majesty King Abdullah II formed a strong drive for him to enable the sons and daughters of his people to obtain advanced and modern education, and he expressed this by saying: “My ambition is for every Jordanian to have the best quality of education. Creativity, and the way to creativity begins with education.

_ Investing in people.

His Majesty King Abdullah II believes, just as his late father, King Hussein bin Talal, may God rest his soul, believed that Jordan’s true wealth is the Jordanian people, and that investing in people is the best investment in a country like Jordan that suffers from scarcity of resources and natural resources.

His Majesty affirmed the need to empower the Jordanian citizen by reviewing the programs and curricula of education in its various stages and levels, and setting up rehabilitation and training programs that qualify citizens to compete in the labor market, and benefit from the information and technology revolution that characterizes this era.

_The king, husband, father.

His Majesty married Queen Rania on June 10, 1993, and their Majesties had two sons. They are His Highness Prince Al-Hussein, the Crown Prince, born on June 28, 1994, and His Highness Prince Hashem, who was born on January 30, 2005 AD, and two daughters, Princess Iman, who was born on September 27, 1996 AD, and Princess Salma, who was born on September 26, 2000 CE.

_ King Abdullah II is King of Jordan.

When His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein assumed his constitutional powers, King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on February 7, 1999 AD, he announced his oath before the National Assembly, the fourth era of the Kingdom, which was established by King Abdullah I Ibn Al-Hussein Bin Ali, Then its constitution was drafted by his grandfather, King Talal, and its pillars were strengthened by his father, King Hussein, may God bless them.


His Majesty King Abdullah II believes that Jordan is the inheritor of the message of the Great Arab Revolt, and therefore it must remain the most belonging to its Arab and Islamic nation, and the most keen to fulfill his duty towards the issues of the two nations and the future aspirations of their children. On top of these issues, the Palestinian issue.

Hence, His Majesty followed the path of his father and grandparents in defending the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people, and standing by them with all of Jordan’s capabilities and relations with the world.

His Majesty also continued to work to unify the Arab ranks and strengthen Jordan’s relations with its Arab brothers and with various friendly countries around the world. On the domestic level, His Majesty gives top priority to strengthening Jordan’s reform and democratic process in various fields, protecting intellectual and political pluralism, encouraging programmatic parties, and respecting human dignity and freedoms of thought, expression and political action.

_ Islam and peace.

His Majesty King Abdullah II inherited religious legitimacy in his ownership and lineage. His legitimacy, who is the forty-first grandson of the Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, is based on “Islam and achievement,” and justice in his view is the basis of the king who descended to him, by virtue of the pure lineage and the noble lineage extending to the Hashemite Prophet Muhammad – May God bless him and grant him peace – and he is a believer in linking peace with the sincerity of Islam, and he expresses that by caring for the constructive and enlightened Islamic thought, and by his keenness on meeting Muslim scholars and converging their views, in order to spread a moderate culture that unites Muslims and believers and does not separate them.

His Majesty stresses in all international forums that: “Muslims in these days must speak out boldly in defense of a moderate Islam: Islam that strengthens the sanctity of human life, reaches the oppressed, serves men and women alike, and affirms the brotherhood of the entire human race, for this is Islam. The true prophet called for is the Islam that the terrorists seek to destroy.

Communication with young people.

At the national level, the future of King Abdullah II is great, and a better future is his patriotic message with the following slogan: “sustainable development, fair planning and implementation, and empowering youth for the better.”

Our last chance: seeking peace in a time of danger.

Written by His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, it presents the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The book was published in Arabic by Dar Al-Saqi in 2011.

_ Selected quotes.

_ This country is built on unity, its unifying national identity embraces everyone who believes in, loves and protects this country, and is proud of being Jordanian. A Jordanian head held high. Every active citizen is a full partner in the process of building, working and giving, as well as in rights and duties.

From His Majesty’s speech on the occasion of Independence Day and national holidays, May 24, 2016.

Islam teaches us that human beings are equal in dignity, and there is no distinction between nations, regions, or races. Islam rejects coercion in religion, and every citizen has the right that the state preserves his life, family, property, honor, and religious freedom.

From His Majesty’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly September 20, 2016.

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