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How to make a smoothie.

What is the difference between juices and smoothies?

The juice maker gets rid of fiber, but it offers a refreshing drink rich in sugars, energy and vitamins that boost the body’s immunity, has benefits for you and your children.

As for smoothies, they are more creamy and rich in fibers that enhance the digestive process, and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are a powerful and effective food targets. And because the smoothie is rich in fiber, it is considered a breakfast, dinner, or a filling and sufficient snack.

1. How to make a strawberry smoothie.


▪️ A cup of liquid milk.

▪️ A teaspoon of vanilla.

▪️ A cup of fresh strawberries.

▪️tow big spoon of sugar.

🔻 Preparation Method:

_ Wash strawberry kernels, then cut in half.

_  In an electric mixing bowl, place strawberries, milk, sugar and vanilla and mix all the ingredients to create a thicker and thicker smoothie.

_ The smoothie should be kept in the fridge to cool for about two hours.

_ Pour the smoothie into serving cups and serve cold.

2. How to make mango and orange smoothie with yogurt.


▪️ Half a cup of water.

▪️ A cup of yogurt.

▪️ Two tablespoons of sugar.

▪️ One piece of chopped mango.

▪️ Two grains of chopped orange.

▪️ One piece of sliced ​​banana.


_ Mix water, curd, and sugar in an electric mixing bowl well.

_ Add mango, orange, and yogurt and keep whisking to get a thick and dense mixture.

_ Put in the refrigerator to cool down, then pour into serving cups and serve.

3. How to make avocado smoothie.


▪️ A cup of ice cubes.

▪️ A cup of curd.

▪️ Half a cup of sugar.

▪️ Half a cup of sherbet.

▪️ Half a cup of hot water.

▪️ Three grains of avocado.

▪️ A tablespoon of honey.

▪️ A quarter cup of whole milk.

🔻Preparation Method:

🔹 Preparing the syrup.

_ Put all of the sugar, water, juice of lemon and honey in a bowl over a low heat and leave about two minutes to get a dense, heavy drip, and leave aside to cool.

_ Put avocados, yogurt, milk and sugar syrup in an electric mixing bowl and mix the ingredients together to get a smooth mixture.

_ Place ice cubes in serving cups, then pour the smoothie on top, and serve cold.

4. How to make cherry smoothie and vanilla ice cream – Diet.


▪️ A cup of milk.

▪️ Spoonful of vanilla.

▪️ Two cherries.

▪️ Two cups of blackberries.

▪️ Two cups of low-fat yogurt.

▪️ Two cups of ice cubes.


_ Place milk, vanilla, blackberries, yogurt and cherries in an electric mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients together.

_ Ice cubes are placed in serving cups.

_ Pour the smoothie into serving cups and serve cold.

5. How to make a watermelon smoothie.


▪️ Half a cup of fresh watermelon.

▪️ Half a cup of chilled watermelon.

▪️ Two sticks of mint.

▪️ Mint leaves to garnish.


_ Mix the chilled watermelon and mint in an electric mixer, then add the fresh watermelon to it.

_ Pour the mixture into cups, then decorate with mint leaves.

6. How to make mango and spinach smoothie.


▪️ 1 small mango.

▪️ Ice cubes.

▪️ Ten leaves of spinach.

▪️ Sugar-to-taste.

▪️ Half a cup of water.

▪️ A small piece of ginger.


_ Wash spinach, mango and ginger, then chop, and mix in an electric mixer with sugar and water.

_ Mix the ingredients, leave them for two minutes, then pour them into serving cups with ice cubes.

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