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How to make Kunafa at home.


Knafeh is a type of delicious sweets that can be traced back to eastern origins, and it consists of thin strings of dough mixed with nuts, ghee and sugar, and it is famous for most Arab countries, especially Palestine and Syria, and it is one of the sweets that is served throughout the year, on occasions and weddings, and in specials, especially in the month of Ramadan.

_ Kunafa Nablusi soft.

Is one of the most famous distinctive oriental sweets that Nablus is famous for in Palestine.


▪️ Half a kilo of soft kunafa.

▪️ Half a kilo of white cheese or Akawi cheese.

▪️ Light diameter.

▪️ Half a cup of ghee.

▪️ Pistachios for decoration.

🔻How to prepare.

_ We spread ghee in the baking tray.

_Sprinkle the kunafeh over the obese and leave a quarter of the amount aside.

_ Arrange it well by hand, then sprinkle the cheese, soaked and drained from the water.

_ Then we stack the cheese well.

_ Sprinkle the rest of the kunafa over the cheese and spread it well.

_ We put it in a flame oven, not an electric one, and leave it until it turns red. It is possible to put it on a gas flame if it is a large sample on a low heat.

_ We have prepared the syrup on the fire, put sugar and water, and do not add lemon in the kunafa recipe.

_ We move the kunafa tray to the right and left gently if we feel that it is moving, this indicates that it has become ripe from the bottom.

_ Turn it upside down in another tray.

And the kunafa becomes fried from the top.

_ Infuse it with the hot drop and put it in the oven for five minutes only, until the cheese melts and the knafeh soaks it.

_ But no more than that because it will burn and burn the diameter.

_ It is preferable to put it on the gas burner and rotate it continuously, rather than placing it in the oven after pouring the syrup so that the diameter does not burn.

_ We decorate with ground pistachios and serve directly hot.

🔹Note: The Nabulsi coarse kunafeh is prepared in the same way as the soft kunafeh, all you have to do is replace the fine kunafeh dough with a coarse one.

_ Kunafa with cream.


▪️ A cup of liquid milk.

▪️ One and a half tablespoons of white sugar.

▪️ 3 and a half tablespoons of starch mixed with a quarter cup of liquid milk.

▪️ A tablespoon of soft butter.

▪️ Half a teaspoon of rose water.

▪️ 100 grams of knafeh dough.

▪️ A cup of syrup.

▪️ Crushed pistachios to decorate.


_ Place the milk, sugar and a small spoonful of butter in a bowl on the stove.

_ Stir the ingredients well until they reach a boil.

_  Rose water and starch are placed with the necessity of constant stirring of the ingredients.

_ Transfer the bowl over low heat until the ingredients are homogeneous and the mixture becomes thick.

_ Put off the heat under the mixture and set aside until it cools completely.

_ Put the remaining amount of butter in another bowl on the fire and leave it until it melts.

_ The dough is crumbled by hand, then ghee is poured over it and stirred well until the ingredients are incorporated.

Place half of the knafeh dough on a suitable size tray and press it well with your hands. The milk and sugar mixture is poured over the knafeh layer, then the rest of the dough is spread over the second layer. The tray goes into the hot oven for half an hour until it is golden. Take the tray out of the oven and drink it with syrup, garnished with crushed pistachios and served hot.

_ Kunafa with chocolate.


▪️ A box of crumbled kunafa dough.

▪️ A cup and a half of obesity.

▪️ Half a cup of syrup.

▪️ 350 grams of Nutella chocolate.

▪️ Two tablespoons of pistachios for decoration.

🔻 Preparation.

_ Use the hand to crumble the coarse knafeh dough.

_ Obesity is placed in a bowl on the fire and then left until it melts.

_ Add the knafeh dough, and stir well until browned.

_ Spread half of the knafeh dough on a tray, then drink it with a quarter cup of syrup.

_ Spread Nutella on the Konafa dough.

_ The Nutella is covered with the rest of the kunafa, then watered with syrup.

_ Spread the amount of pistachios, then cut and serve.

_ Kunafa with Ice Cream.


▪️ Two boxes of vanilla, mastic or pistachio flavored ice cream.

▪️ A cup of syrup.

▪️ A cup of cream.

▪️ Half a kilo of kunafa.

▪️ Half a cup of ghee.

🔻Preparation method.

_ Put the water and sugar in a deep saucepan, put the pot on the stove, and stir the ingredients together until the water boils, then leave it on the stove for 10 minutes, then add the lemon juice, stir the ingredients together, and leave the ingredients on the fire for about 10 minutes until they form Thick sauce, then remove the saucepan from the stove and add blossom water, and leave the mixture until it cools.

_ Break up the kunafa into small parts using your hands. Add the melted butter over the kunafa and stir the ingredients together so that the kunafa absorbs the ghee well.

_ Put the kunafa in a thick-base saucepan and put the saucepan on the fire until the kunafa turns golden.

_ Put half the amount of kunafa in a bowl, and distribute part of the cold syrup over it, then distribute the cream and ice cream, and distribute the remainder of the kunafa over the ice cream and put a final layer of ice cream, nuts and cream and serve the kunafeh immediately or it can be stored in the freezer until serving.

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