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How to make lite cheesecake with strawberry jam for diet.

If you are a cheesecake lover, and follow a strict diet, you should follow this recipe, which is how to make lite cheesecake with strawberry jam, and you will enjoy the same taste of cheesecake, with simple, inexpensive, and suitable ingredients for diet, and below we will present to you how to make lite cheesecake With strawberry jam.

Ingredients for Light Cheesecake with🔸 Strawberry Jam:

▪️ 150 g lite biscuits.

▪️ 1 teaspoon fat-free butter.

▪️ 300 g lite cream cheese.

▪️ Light cream cup.

▪️ lemon jelly packet .

▪️ 6 tablespoons strawberry jam without sugar.

▪️ big lite sugar spoon.

▪️ Strawberry for decoration.

🔻How to make light cheesecake with strawberry jam:

1- Take a bowl and put the biscuits in it after crushing, then add the butter and knead them until you get a coarse mixture. Take aneasy-to-open mold and put the biscuit mixture and press it well.

2- Take a small bowl and put packet jelly and dissolve it in half a cup of hot water and let it cool.

3- Bring the mixer and put the cream cheese with sugar, jelly and cream and mix them well until all the ingredients are mixed, then pour themixture on the cheesecake mold.

4- Put it in the fridge for 4 hours until it freezes.

5- Bring a small bowl and put strawberry jam, add a little warm water to it, stir them, then pour them on the face of the mold,decorate with fresh strawberries and serve to your guests.

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