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How to make petit four with jam.

Dish type                                desserts

The difficulty is                       easy

Preparation method         20 minutes

Preparation time               10 minutes

Total time                           30 minutes

Number of people                  10


Two and a quarter cups of white flour for sweets.

A small pinch of salt.

A cup of soft butter.

Three quarters of a cup of powdered sugar.

Large egg yolk.

A teaspoon of liquid vanilla.

A teaspoon to two tablespoons of milk.


Pistachio soft to decorate.

How to prepare:

_ Sift flour and salt twice to let the air in, then set aside.

_ Add the sugar to the butter and mix with the electric mixer for 3-4 minutes, until you get a mixture like cream.

_ Add the egg yolk, vanilla and a teaspoon of milk, and continue to beat at a slow speed until the yolks completely disappear into the dough. Then stop.

Add the flour, then use the kneading knob on a slow speed for about a minute, until all the ingredients are mixed with each other, and you get a somewhat coherent dough.

_ Set the oven to 180 degrees.

_ Prepare a greased oven tray, put an amount of dough in the biscuit press, then press it until you get the desired shape.

_ Press well on the dough until it is filled inside the piston cavity and get rid of all the voids, and continue pressing again and again until the dough comes out from the piston ends and the shapes are regular.

_ Put the ready-made petit four pieces in the oven tray, and make sure to leave a space between each piece so that it does not stick.

_ Put the saj in the oven, and leave it for a period of 8-9 minutes, until the home color becomes golden.

_ Take the saj out of the oven and leave it aside until it cools completely.

_ Put the homemade pieces on the serving plate. Put a little jam between two pieces of the homemade immediately, then stick them together.

_Zine the parties with ground pistachios.

_ Put the homemade beads on the serving plate.

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