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How to make pickles and the secrets of their success.

Pickles are an appetizer that no table is devoid of, and the pickle is distinguished by its delicious taste, as it has a sour and hot taste at the same time, as it is preferred by adults and children greatly, and pickles can be made at home safely instead of buying canned from the shops, and the method of work varies. Pickle from one country to another, and pickle is made in more than one way and more than one kind.

The secrets of making pickles.

▪️ The first step to making a successful pickle is storage and hygiene that prevents the entry of bacteria and microbes, causing it to quickly spoil, so it is preferable to sterilize the jar well before putting the pickle in it by washing it well with water and vinegar and leaving it to dry on a clean piece of cloth.

▪️ The second step is to determine the appropriate amount of boiling water and salt according to the type of pickle. There are types that need more salt, such as yellow lemon, onions and cucumbers, while carrots need less salt.

▪️ After sterilizing the jars and filling them with salt and boiling water, we come to the next step for choosing the appropriate type and size of vegetables for pickling, as they must be fresh and small in size, and it is preferable to examine them well to ensure that they are free of any defects.

▪️ It is preferable when putting vegetables and brine, adding a number of garlic cloves, a tablespoon of dry coriander, half a tablespoon of olive oil and spicy, in addition to a quarter of a bottle of vinegar, and the solution can be tasted after adding the ingredients to ensure the taste.

▪️ Each pickled type needs a different time until they reach full ripeness, so it is preferable to separate each type in a separate jar so that it takes enough time to be ready to eat.

▪️ After three days of pickling, prepare a new number of sterilized jars with an increase in the amount of salt in them, and transfer the pickle to it after cleaning it and remove the remnants that usually appear on the surface after pickling.

▪️ If this is the first time that you make pickles at home, it is better to start experimenting in small quantities, and then after successful command, try in larger quantities because then you will have sufficient experience with the ingredients and the method of preparation.

▪️ When eating a pickled quantity from the jar, use a clean, dry spoon, and beware of entering the hand or other hand to take the quantities, so that the pickled water does not get contaminated with bacteria and thus begin to collect the remnants and spoil what is in it.

_ How to make pickled cucumber.


▪️ A cup of water.

▪️ A kilo of cucumbers, a grain of lemon.

▪️ A tablespoon of salt.

▪️ 6 pieces of hot pepper.

🔻 Preparation Method:

_ Wash the cucumber and hot pepper well, and remove the heads at the ends.

_ Mix salt with lemon in a cup of water, and keep stirring well until it dissolves.

_ Drain the cucumbers in the jar, being careful to seal it.

_ Leave the jar preserved outside the refrigerator until it permeates.

_ How to make pickled green olives.


▪️ A kilo of green olives.

▪️ Three quarters of a large cup of salt.

▪️ Half a kilo of lemon, cut into slices.

▪️ A quarter of a kilo of hot pepper.

▪️ Two large cups of lemon juice.

▪️ Five cups of water.

🔻How to prepare.

_  The olives are washed and then cut each grain into three slices from different sides with a knife, or beat lightly until a slight crack occurs.

_ Put the olives in a pot, cover with water and leave them soaked in water for 4 days, taking care to change the soaking water three times a day to get rid of the bitterness of the olives.

_ Bring a bowl and place each of the salt, lemon juice and water in it, then stir the ingredients with a whisk to make the salt completely disappear.

_ Add a layer of olives, then lemon, then hot pepper, while repeating the layers and pressing the last layer of olives by hand down until the air deflates.

_ Add the saline solution to the components of the jar with hand pressure down to empty the air, close the jar directly and wait for 15 days without opening the jar.

_ After 15 days, pickled green olives are ready to serve.

_ How to make pickled carrots.


▪️ Three tablespoons of vinegar.

▪️ A clove of garlic.

▪️ A quarter of a kilo of peeled carrots.

▪️ A tablespoon of salt.

▪️ Two cups of water.

▪️ A piece of hot pepper.

🔻Preparation method :

_ Chop carrots for long fingers.

_ Chop the garlic into large chunks.

_ Put each of the carrots with garlic in a jar and add water to them.

_ Add both vinegar and hot pepper to the mixture.

_ Mix the salt with the ingredients, cover the jar, and leave it for a week until the time to use.

Reference :

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