How to remove oil stains from clothes

If you got grease stains on your clothing, don’t panic. There are a variety of common household products you can use to get unsightly grease stains out of your clothes so they look clean and new again. Your favorite shirt will be back in the rotation in no time!

• Dish Detergent or Shampoo or Bar Soap

1. Cover the entire grease spot with liquid dish detergent.

Grease-fighting detergents may be helpful, but are not necessary. You can use shampoo in this manner, as well, it’s designed for body oils, so should work effectively in this application. Alternatively, use bar soap, any hand or body bar soap will do (make sure it hasn’t got any additives that may hinder its cleaning, i.e. one like Dove would not be suitable), or for very tough grease, look for bars labeled Laundry Soap. Dampen with water (or ammonia for extra grease removal), then rub the bar onto the stain until sufficient soap has transferred to foam up amply. You can also grate the bar soap and apply the resulting powder/pieces onto the stain after wetting.

If using colored detergent, be sure to dilute it or the detergent may stain the clothing.

For stubborn stains, using an old toothbrush will help you attack the stain better than you’d be able to with your hand. Old foot brushes or nail brushes can also serve, as well as small scrub brushes available for cleaning.

2. Work foam from the soap or detergent or shampoo into the stain.

You should see it dissolve. Dish detergents and laundry bar soaps have special agents that fight grease, so does shampoo.

3. Rinse the area with water first, then optionally, follow with a vinegar rinse.

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent used in a wide variety of applications, however, it reduces the alkalinity of soaps or detergents, making them less effective, so do not use detergents or soaps along with any vinegar. If you wish, mix one part vinegar with two parts water and soak the article of clothing in the water and vinegar, then rinse out the vinegar and use the detergent/shampoo/soap method as above.

4. Wash the clothing, alone, with laundry detergent.

Follow washing instructions on clothing label exactly.

When ready to dry, allow the clothing to air-dry. Drying in the extremely hot mechanical dryer may cause any lingering oil or grease to set into the clothing.

• Baby Powde

1. Blot away any excess grease or oil with a paper towel.

Try to get as much grease or oil away from the clothing as possible before you move on to the next step.

2. Cover grease or oil stain generously with baby powder.

You can use generic baby powder if you like. If you don’t have baby powder, try using these other absorbents:

• Cornstarch

• Salt

3. Remove the baby powder from the clothing with a paper towel or spoon.

Do this carefully, avoiding any spillage onto other parts of the clothing.

4. Work a small amount of hand dishwashing detergent and water into stain with your thumb.

Once the detergent begins to foam up, take an old toothbrush and begin rubbing the stain using circular motions.

BBe sure to attack the stain from both sides of the fabric (inside the shirt and outside the shirt, for example).

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