Is appendicitis continuous or intermittent

The appendix is ​​an intestinal tube that extends from the large intestine, and the function of the appendix is ​​that it carries beneficial bacteria for the body, and it works to strengthen the immunity of the intestine, when it becomes inflamed, many problems occur, so the amount of ingestion must be determined for how to treat it, where eradication is the only solution to it. In the case of severe inflammation, it may be a simple infection that needs to take drugs.
Appendicitis is pain that affects the right side as the appendix is ​​located in the lower abdomen, and people with appendicitis feel pain in the vicinity of the abdomen, and sometimes it is difficult for them to identify it from any side or side. It is common knowledge that appendicitis begins gradually, becoming mild and gradual until it becomes intolerable.

Does the appendix cause continuous or intermittent pain?
Appendicitis begins with simple pain, and then intensifies later, but it continues and does not stop if the inflammation is severe, and it starts from the navel circumference and extends to the back and lower abdomen, and in the case of appendicitis exacerbation, it must be removed as soon as possible, and other symptoms of the appendix :

Inability to expel gas from the stomach
• Fever and chills

In order for a person to know whether he suffers from appendicitis or a symptom of another disease, an analysis of appendicitis must be performed.

The appendix sometimes causes dizziness that may lead to loss of consciousness, as it is a symptom of nausea and vomiting associated with appendicitis, and falls under the symptoms that occur in the digestive system immediately after appendicitis, which are:
• Constipation or diarrhea
Colon distension
Completely losing the craving for food
• Vomiting and nausea

There is a disturbance in the urination process in general, as some find it difficult to urinate, and others may have frequent urination, with a severe burning sensation during urine output, which is one of the most common symptoms of appendicitis.
One of the most common symptoms of appendicitis in women is back and abdominal pain, and this pain may range from mild to severe, sometimes even confusing the pain of appendicitis with period pain.

Complications of appendicitis:
In the case of neglecting appendicitis, which is considered the most urgent and serious emergency, as its pain is very severe, the consequences of neglecting it are dire and dangerous, so a specialist doctor must be resorted to urgently, and not to make room for drugs that relieve pain, and the complications of appendicitis are worm in:

• Pus fills the stomach, and the infection spreads to the whole intestine.
• Perforations in the appendix that leak fluid, and it may rupture from a lot of inflammation, which is very dangerous.

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