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Medical tourism in Jordan.

Jordan is one of the countries in which recovery from bodily diseases is mixed with recreation, thanks to a great blessing that God Almighty has bestowed on the Jordanian land, where all the ingredients for natural treatment are available from hot water rich in salt, to volcanic mud, to mild weather and a beautiful nature Which made it therapeutic resorts frequented by many hospitalization seekers from various diseases.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has also promoted “meditation tourism”, which is a new tourist dimension that provides seekers of mental clarity, relaxation and meditation an opportunity to achieve their goals through distinctive natural sites.

Jordan is currently considered the number one treatment destination in the Middle East and North Africa, where the income of medical tourism in 2014 amounted to approximately $1.2 billion, which constituted 3.5% of the total output. Jordan can double it to more than that, especially in light of the great potential it possesses to help it compete. And making it the first interface for medical tourism globally.

The Dead Sea, Ma’in Baths, Aqra, Abu Rabita, Hammamet Jordan, and other places that are distinguished by their presence in Jordan, due to their scarcity, and perhaps their presence only in it, as is the case with the Dead Sea, which is visited by thousands of tourists to take advantage of the Dead Sea salts in addition to the volcanic mud that distinguishes it. The Kingdom’s distinction in this type of tourism is not limited to natural resources, but the continuous development of public and private hospitals and their spread in various parts, and the availability of distinguished medical cadres, distinguished hotels and other facilities that make visitors to Jordan feel well-being, and recreation enhanced by security and safety in the middle of a flaming region, not to mention the generosity Hospitality that distinguishes Jordanians.

Investment Size.

There are 106 hospitals in the Kingdom, of which 64 are private hospitals, or approximately 60% of the total hospitals, with investments estimated at three billion dollars. About 14,000 beds are available in all hospitals in the Kingdom. The treatment prices in Jordan are the lowest in the region and among the lowest in the world. The cost of an open-heart surgery in the Kingdom is $15,000, while the cost of the same operation in the United States is $150,000, ten times higher.

Elements of medical tourism.

There are qualified and trained human cadres in Jordan and a large number of doctors compared to the population. There are 28.6 doctors for every 10,000 people.Medical technology and advanced diagnostic devices such as magnetic resonance imaging and catheters are also available, which saves the patient time, and service and health care are available in a short time at competitive costs and prices.

All this provided the quality factor, and contributed to its improvement by establishing the Health Institutions Accreditation Council, the first of its kind in the Arab countries, which provides training and technical consultations to obtain the local accreditation certificate, which means the application of global health care, and 17 hospitals obtained this certificate in addition to obtaining Ten hospitals on JCI International Accreditation.

Above all, the Kingdom is characterized by security and political stability, which has provided a safe environment for the investor and the treatment seeker. Jordan also maintains high-level diplomatic relations with most countries of the world, and its medium location and ease of transit.

Among the therapeutic resorts in Jordan:

1. The Dead Sea.

It is the lowest point in the world (420 meters below sea level), and it is intended for visitors for recreation and healing due to the many therapeutic benefits of its water and mud, as well as the characteristics of its location that make the air and sunlight double benefits.

2. Ma’in Baths.

Ma’in Baths are located 58 kilometers south of Amman, and this area is 120 meters below sea level. It is famous for its spas and natural clinics that provide treatment for people with skin diseases, circulatory diseases, and bone, joint, back and muscle pain.

3. Al-Hamma area of ​​Jordan.

Al-Hamma is located approximately 100 km to the north of Amman, and it is one of the most important medical and tourism sites in the region, and a resort has been set up that provides all tourist and therapeutic services.

4. Afra Baths.

They are located 26 kilometers from the city of Tafileh in southern Jordan. Water flows in it from more than 15 springs. The waters of these springs are distinguished by their heat and containment of minerals.

physical therapy sites.

Aqaba was famous for its mineral and sulfur waters, its dry, moisture-free atmosphere, the sand and silt content of its soil suitable for the treatment of many diseases, and the quality of its beaches and sea water with its distinctive natural properties .

Water and mineral springs, which are distinguished by their unique chemical composition, have spread in Jordan. Which exceeds in its proportion all the hot and mineral water springs in the world, and what is meant is the pools of Ma’in and Afra, south of the capital Amman, which rise 120 m above the surface of the earth and have clinics that complete the tourist treatment. In addition to the availability of silt in the pools of these sulfur springs, with its therapeutic properties that cure many orthopedic diseases, diseases of the digestive system, respiratory system, skin diseases, and others. Hospitalization for articular rheumatism patients by burial in sand has also been proven.

Research has also confirmed that the waters of the Red Sea, with its chemical content and the presence of coral reefs, help to cure psoriasis. There are many tourist areas that have the advantage of medical tourism in Jordan (Aqaba), the Red Sea shore, which possesses all the elements of medical tourism, which are visited by tourist groups, and its fame is that black sand has the ability to get rid of some skin diseases .

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