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Mohammed bin Abdullah. ﷺ

Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashem bin Abd Manaf bin Qusai bin Kalab bin Marra bin Kaab bin Luai bin Ghaleb bin Fahr bin Malik bin Nadar bin Kenana bin Khuzaymah bin Madrakah bin Elias bin Mudhar bin Nizar bin Maad bin Adnan.

Prophet of Islam .

He was born in Mecca on Monday, 12 Rabi` al-Awwal, after fifty days of a year called the Year of the Elephant, and for forty years before the rule of Khosrau Anushrawan Khusraw bin Qayyad ibn FayrouzCorresponding to August 20, 570 AD.

He came down at the hand of al-Shifa Umm Abd al-Rahman ibn Auf, as she met him, raising his gaze to the sky, placing his hand on the earth, and his mother spoke that when she carried him, she did not find what pregnant women find of the weight that reached the message of Islam and established it on the earth so that Islam becomes the second largest religion on earth that is owed more than a quarter world population.

He also established the first global belief in which there was no difference between the races, and unified the Arabs and established their state.

Its origins:

He was born in Mecca in the people of Bani Hashim, in the middle of the Quraysh, and his mother is Amna Bint Wahab in Rabi` al-Awwal of the Year of the Elephant.His father Abdullah died shortly before his birth, and his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib chose the name of Muhammad for him, then he was presented to the breastfeeding women of Bani Saad bin Bakr, so they refused him to complete it, fearing the scarcity of what was returned to them from his family, so Halima al-Saadia took him because she did not find anyone else, and he lived in Bani Saad for two years and returned With Halima to his mother to convince her to extend his custody.

This is what happened, except that at the age of four, he had what is known as the accident of tearing the chest, so Halima feared for him after this incident and she returned him to his mother, who reassured her that she would not be afraid of him. When he reached six years of age, his mother took him to his maternal uncles from Banu Uday ibn al-Najjar visited him, and while they were returning to her due to illness and she died of the abwaa Mecca and Medina, and Muhammad moved to live with his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib, and when he reached eight years, his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib died in Mecca and before his death he saw that he be entrusted with bail His grandson to his uncle Abu Talib, his father’s brother.

His life before the mission.

He was in the beginning of his youth herding sheep in Bani Saad, and in Makkah for its people on Kararit, then he traveled at the age of 9 years – according to Ibn Hisham’s account – with his uncle to the Levant in trade, but he did not complete his way and returned with his uncle immediately to Mecca after he met the monk Buhairi in Bosra in the Levant, who told him that this boy would have a great affair and feared for him from the Jews.

The title of Mecca, honest and trustworthy

Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, while shepherding the sheep used to take great care of his sheep in their pasture and watering them, and if a sheep was born or sick, he would take care of it all the attention, and thus his sheep increased, so that some people asked Abu Talib to include their sheep for his sheep to receive the care of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him And to grow and multiply and that is why it was called “the Secretary”.

And when he worked in the trade of his uncle, he was honest in presenting goods and was content with a suitable profit, and that is why he was called “Al Sadiq”

When the Quraysh built the Kaaba and differed as to who puts the black stone in its place, they agreed that the first person to enter them should put it, and when Muhammad entered upon them, they said, the Secretary came and imposed it, so he ordered a dress and placed the stone in the middle of it and ordered each tribe to raise one side of the garment and then took the stone and put it in its place.

Khadija bint Khuwailid, a merchant woman with honor and money on behalf of Muhammad, reached the level of his trustworthiness, so she sent him an offer that he had to go out with money for her to the Levant, and she gave him the best of what she gave to other merchants, and she gave him a boy called Maysara. Al-Sham, bought the goods and when he returned to Mecca, he sold his goods, and he won nearly double.

His marriage to Khadija and his children from her.

After his return from a business trip to the Levant and the profit that he brought with him, Khadija offered to marry him, so he offered this to his uncles, then he married her after twenty feathers certified her, and she was forty years old. At that time when he was twenty-five years old, no one was married until she died.

The wives of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Khadija bint Khuwaylid, may God be pleased with her.

Sawda bint Zamaa, may God be pleased with her.

Aisha bint Abi Bakr, may God be pleased with her.

Hafsa bint Omar bin Al-Khattab – may God be pleased with her -.

Zainab bint Khuzaymeh, may God be pleased with her.

Umm Salamah, may God be pleased with her.

Zainab bint Jahsh, may God be pleased with her.

Jwairiyah bint Al-Harith, may God be pleased with her.

Safia bint Hayy – may God be pleased with her -.

Umm Habibah, may God be pleased with her.

Maymouna bint Al-Harith, may God be pleased with her.

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