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Naming Jordan.

Nations and people passed through Jordan, civilizations perished, and an ancient history that left its mark on Jordan’s heritage to remain a witness to its nobility, greatness, and its historical and cultural importance.

Jordan name and borders:

Linguists, historians and geographers have unanimously agreed that the name Jordan came to annexation, then sukoon, joining the signifier, and tightening the nounResearchers have confirmed Jordan’s connection with the Holy River, the Jordan RiverAs for the river, it originates from Mount Hermon in southern Lebanon and empties into Lake Tiberias, the capital of the Jordan Army.

Then, after leaving the lake, several tributaries joined him, including the Yarmouk River, the Jalud River, and many valleys. The name of the river came from the confluenceThe rivers Jor and Dan, or the Yur and Dan, so the name becomes Jordan and Jordan in some languages, which is a correct linguistically and spatially name, and with time it became Jordan and Jordan, and the Arabs called it Jordan.

The Greek name for Jordan is Jordanem and JordanimJordanAnd its meaning is descending or deep.

And the Greeks and Romans called the country of Jordan the word Jordan theme, which is a military name, as Jordan was the headquarters of a military boycott.

The Arab conquerors also called the areas of the Levant the name of the soldiers, and among them was the Jordan Army, which included part of southern Lebanon, including the city of Tire and also includes northern Palestine and its cities, the capital of the Jordan Army, Tiberias, the cities of Nasiriyah, Acre, Haifa, and all Carmel to the borders of Jund Palestine on the edge of the Bani Plain. Amer and the areas of the Jordan Valley complete to the mountains, just as the Jordan Army used to include parts of Syria, the most important of which were Busra al-Sham, Daraa, and the Golan. As for eastern Jordan, the northern regions and the Jordan Valley followed the Soldiers of Jordan, while the Balqa from the Zarqa River to Al-Ula in the north of Hijaz followed Jund Damascus.

The name Transjordan was known for the first time in the Crusader era, and the first name in this sense was conveyed by William al-Suri, historian of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, as he called itUltra jordanemHe mentioned that it includes countries: Gilead, Ammon, and Moab, sometimes called trans jordanIt means the country beyond the river.

When King Abdullah bin Al Hussein founded the Jordanian Emirate, he called the country the Emirate of the Arab East, then the emirate became independent under the name of the Emirate of Transjordan, and then it became a kingdom in the name of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


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