Nizar Qabbani

Be you, even if no one likes you
If you are satisfied with yourself, that suffices
You are more beautiful when you have confidence in yourself. -Nizar Qabbani

Nizar bin Tawtheeq Al-Qabbani is a contemporary Syrian poet and diplomat, born on March 21, 1923AD, from an ancient Damascene Arab family, and he inherited poetry from his grandfather (Abu Khalil al-Qabbani) and he is one of the pioneers of Arab theater. He studied law at the Syrian University and graduated from it in 1945, then joined the diplomatic corps in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, moving between different capitals, until he retired from diplomatic work in 1966, and settled in Lebanon to devote himself to writing poems, as he founded a publishing house in Beirut, in the name of “Nizar Qabbani’s publications”.

In 1939 AD, Nizar was on a school cruise to Rome, where he wrote his first verses of poetry flirting with the waves and the fish swimming in it, at the age of 16. During his studies of law, he published his first poetry collection, which is a collection (she told me Al-Samra), where he printed it at his own expense. The poems of his first collection sparked controversy in educational circles at the university, and he wrote for him the introduction of the diwan Munir al-Ajlani, who loved the poems and approved them and continued the authoring process And publication, which amounted to 35 divans, the most prominent of which are:

-Drawing with words

-My love

-Lovers Dictionary

-Jasmine alphabet

And others, and he singled out women in his poetry, and many artists sang from his words, perhaps the most famous of them (Kazem El-Saher) who sang many of his poems such as Zidini Love, Say I Love You, Impossible Love and many others. (Abdel Halim Hafez) also sang his reciter Al-Fenjan, and (Umm Kulthum) sang an urgent message to you. Damascus and Beirut had a special space in his poems, perhaps the most prominent of them: The Damascene poem and The Yast al-Dunya Yapirout.

Qabbani knew many tragedies in his life, the first of which was the suicide of his sister Wisal after her family forced her to marry a man she did not love, and he left a deep impression on himself, and he may have helped formulate his love philosophy later and his concept of a woman’s struggle to achieve herself and her femininity, and after that was the death of his son Tawfiq from His first wife died of heart disease at the age of 17 years, and after her death, his Iraqi wife Belqis, who is his second wife, was killed during a suicide bombing that targeted the Iraqi embassy in Beirut, where she was working. Bilqis left a bad psychological impact on Nizar and inherited her with a famous poem bearing her name, and after her death he settled in London, where he spent The last fifteen years of his life, and he continued to publish his controversial collections and poems during the nineties, including: (When do they announce the death of the Arabs) and (The Jurassic) in 1997.

Qabbani died on April 30, 1998 AD, at the age of 75, in London due to a heart attack, and he had written in his will that he be buried in Damascus, which he described in his will (the womb) who taught me poetry, which taught me creativity, and who taught me the alphabet of Jasmine.

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