Self development.

Definition of self-development:

It seeks to improve capabilities, qualifications and personal capabilities.Such as improving mental abilities and improving communication skills.

Such as listening and speaking well, improving the skill of dealing with oneself, improving the ability to control psychological disturbances and transcendence in the self, making the soul more skillful and strong to acquire a positive behavior and learning to control feelings and reactions, as it is knowledge of the sources of self-strength and weaknesses in it to improve it, and we summarize it as a hamlet to transform the self into Of the best, understand it and know ways to improve it.

The first step in self-development and the most important step in success in life is a person’s knowledge of his mission and purpose in life.

Self-development is important, whether on the individual or social level, and there is no doubt that God Almighty has deposited skills and abilities in man’s self that contribute to the development of man himself.

Glory be to the one who honored the sons of Adam and made him able to develop himself.

It is believed that family relationships during childhood play a crucial role in its development.Parents may enhance self-esteem by expressing affection and support for the child as well as by helping the child set realistic goals of achievement rather than imposing unreachable high standards.

Self-development skills.

The main things you need to do to achieve this include:

1- Start from values:

The great values ​​and principles of Islam are the basis for the activity of the Muslim, which inspires in himself the desire for integrity, and generates in him maturity and a sense of responsibility, so that drives him to grow in steady steps.

2- Pledge of your faith:

Faith refines the mind, strengthens the spirit, keeps the soul away from confusion, confusion and anxiety, raises resolve, supports confidence, renews energy, opens energies and talents, and pushes its owner to grow and regenerate.

3- Set your goal:

If a person knows what he wants, he can determine his path and work to reach his goal.

4- Rank your priorities:

Things differ between important and unimportant, and important matters vary between important and more important, and the most important for you is the one who contributes to achieving your goals more, and the secret of success lies in arranging priorities, and starting with the most important before the important.

5- Learn to do:

Knowledge in this world is the most valuable commodity, and souls are goods, as it enlightens the path of safety, warns of the path of seduction, and pays for creativity and innovation.

6- Refine your thinking:

The ability to think sound is the most prominent characteristic of a person, as it is the key to mental and behavioral growth, and the right gateway to creativity and innovation.

7- Optimism:

Cultivate good deeds within you, and modify your attitudes; To be always positive, away from pessimism, that will increase your effectiveness, and give you the spirit of initiative.

8- Trust your abilities:

Your success emanates from within you; Therefore, your perception of yourself and the way you deal with it affects the maturity of your thoughts and the quality of your performance.

9- Listen to understand:

Listening is a tool for understanding, so if you want to grow, reduce your speech and listen more in order to understand.

10- Improve your relationships:

Your high coexistence with others, and your good relations with them are what make for success or failure, so be proactive in strengthening them and fixing the spoiled affection with respect for others.

11- Gradient:

Gradual with yourself, and take it towards the hypocrisy of perfection little by little, for the simplicity of knowledge is attained through perseverance in continuing to learn.

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