Self-discipline is: –

It refers to the training that a person gives himself to accomplish a certain task, or to adopt a certain pattern of behavior, and It is what motivates you to do your best to achieve your goals, regardless of circumstances or distractions. Think of it as your muscles as you exercise the stronger and bigger they become, and given the importance of self-discipline; You must develop and develop it to become better, and self-discipline is your means to achieve your goals.

How to develop self-discipline: –

1- Choose a goal

Start with a single goal and focus on it, an easy goal to achieve such as exercising daily or reading a book a week. Small goals will make you feel that it is easy. Seeing yourself that you can commit will give you a great moral boost and with the passage of time you can make your goals difficult. Make a logical time plan for your goal and do not pressure yourself.

2- Motivate yourself

After choosing your goal, think about why you want to achieve it? What is your motivation?

For example, you could say, “I would like to exercise 3 times a week to improve my health” instead of “I would like to exercise 3 times a week to lose weight.” Losing weight is a short-term goal. Will you stop exercising after reaching your desired weight or will you continue to become healthier? When you identify your true triggers, it will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

3- Identify the obstacles

Identify the obstacles that may face you on the way to achieving your goal and develop a plan to overcome them. Imagine, for example, that your goal is to read a book a week, and you encounter obstacles when trying to commit, such as lack of time or distraction, in the morning you are at work, so you come back and eat lunch, then spend some time with your family And in the evening, you find yourself exhausted or need to respond to your emails, and you get distracted while reading, and then it is time to sleep. When you identify obstacles, you can devise many solutions, such as reading while you rest at work, as for distraction, you can turn off your phone to focus on reading.

4- Change your old habits

During the development of self-discipline you may want to get rid of a bad habit and replace it with a more productive one, but if this habit is related to a specific protein, then getting rid of it will leave a void and if you do not fill it with something new, the feeling of emptiness will increase. Imagine that you want to stop surfing the Internet whenever you take a break from your work, this habit weakens your focus because you stay on the Internet for 20 to 30 minutes each time, when you can stop this habit, think of a positive behavior to replace it, for example you can benefit from time Take a break in reading or doing some exercise to help fill the void.

5- Track your progress

Follow the development of your self-discipline step by step, and dedicate a small note to write your goals for self-discipline and track your progress. Your recording of your successes will encourage you to continue, and you will feel proud whenever you look at your progress and try to avoid distractions to achieve your goals.

Remember to reward yourself. Whenever you achieve a goal or even a small step from a big goal, the reward will motivate you to keep going.

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