Skin care steps

Daily face care is the way to get perfect, clean and bright skin. Young and healthy skin naturally looks more beautiful than the skin that beautified by makeup. Due to the large number of care products available in the market and for different skin types, the correct skin care steps require knowing the type of skin. Through this, it is possible to build an appropriate care routine and its own, and we will present in this article the basic steps for skin care, and the appropriate care methods for different skin types.

Skin care steps:

1- Select your skin type

Because the use of inappropriate products may damage the skin. It is necessary to determine the type of skin, whether it is oily, dry, combination, or prone to acne. This helps to choose the right skin care products and meet their needs.

2- Clean the skin

With warm water, to open the pores.

3- Use a toner

After cleaning your skin, dry it well with a clean towel, use a cotton swab, dip it in the toner, and use it to wipe the face skin well.

4- Hydration

After the toner has completely dried on the surface of the skin, apply a small amount of moisturizer to your skin and spread it in circular motions on the skin.

5- Peeling the skin

It is an essential process to deeply clean the pores of the skin, and it must be applied twice a week. After cleaning the skin in the usual way. Use the scrub on the skin, concentrating on the area around the nose, forehead and chin well.

6- Natural mixtures

Natural mixtures for the purity and freshness of the skin.

7- Do not touch the skin

Regardless of how itchy it feels, resist the urge to use dry or unclean towels to wipe your skin, as this can lead to a buildup of bacteria on the surface of the skin.

8- Do not press on pimples

Blisters are very annoying, and you may want to squeeze them out while cleansing or when you’re itchy. But this may lead to the appearance of dark spots and scarring on the skin, which are difficult to remove afterwards.

9- Moisturizing the body

Moisturizing the body internally by drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps to get healthy, fresh and moisturized skin. The health of your skin starts from the internal health of the body.

10- Use the right products

It is necessary to know the products that suit your skin type in order to get the desired results. When you try any of the skin care products and do not get effective results within a period, then this product is not suitable for your skin needs and you have to replace it.

Achieving healthy and glowing skin is a simple matter that can be achieved by following some basic skin care tips and steps. The skin is a sensitive part of the body and needs extreme care. Germs and bacteria accumulate easily, which can lead to many problems. Besides, with the daily use of makeup, the skin may be exposed to many problems. So, make sure you clean your skin daily in a hygienic way to keep it healthy and vibrant.

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