Sociology and psychology between similarity and difference.

We will now try to explain in some detail, and clarify the similarities and differences between sociology and psychology.

Sociology :

Sociologists agree that sociology leads to human knowledge and common sense.

psychology ..

Psychology is a social science closely related to sociology.Both psychology and sociology have in commonThey are general fields, or broad studies of human behavior.Hence, there is a lot of overlap between the two flags.

Psychology is concerned with the study of the individual. We find that its entrance into the study and its concepts usually deal with people at the individual level.

This science studies human mental processes, such as perception, memory, intelligence, emotions, learning, and motivational direction.And when the behavior is explained in such terms, the psychological factors of that behavior are said to have been understood.

1- The relationship of sociology to psychology.

It can be said that both psychology and sociology are concerned with the study of human behavior.However, the psychologist focuses in his study on the behavior of the individual, as for the sociologist, he studies social behavior, which is not just the behavior of a number of individuals.As it results from man’s living in the social environment and interferes with him with a number of social groups to which he belongs, and his submission.

For social standards.

The clear overlap between the psychology and sociology appears in their study of the subject of “Personality”It is this organized pattern of behavior, attitudes, beliefs, values, and other features or characteristics thatDistinguish the individual.Personality is about the traits and characteristics of people that organize their feelings about themselves and their attitudes towards situationsDifferent, and their tendencies towards work.

2- The concept of personality in sociology and psychology.

The concept of personality is considered a basic concept for psychology, and it is considered one of the main topics in this scienceAt the same time, personality is considered one of the important dimensions of social truth that sociology studies, as the dimensionThe psychological cannot be ignored when we study social phenomena.

However, psychologists are usually interested in studying actual behaviorEmphasis on studying the construction and processes of the character per se. As for sociologists, they are usually interested in studying situationsSocial behavior that leads to certain patterns of behavior.

That is, sociologists are usually interested in studying the impact of certain types ofSocial relationships in the emergence of specific personality traits or characteristics.

3- The overlap between sociology and psychology.

There is no doubt that there is a clear overlap between both psychology and sociology, especially after it became clear that the world’s viewpoint was wrong. The Frenchman Emile Dor Chaim (E) who believed that the group alone was the source of social truth. And that it is necessary to separate or distinguish between social phenomena and other psychological phenomena, since social phenomena are distinct – fromIn terms of gender – from the characteristics of individuals who are members of society and beyond them.

It is very wrong to explain a particular social phenomenonAs a product of individual psychological processes, social phenomena are independent and must be separated from psychological phenomenaIn addition, the search for an adequate explanation for these social phenomena must take place within the community itself.

4- Integration between sociology and psychology.

Some of the classical sociologists have taken a trend that contradicts that of the direction that “Dor Chaim” has taken. And thatAs it appears from the opinions of some scholars such as “William Thomas” (Thomas. W) and “Max Weber” (Weber.And “Valfredo Pareto” (Pareto. V.) These scholars emphasized the importance of psychological factors, and emphasized the complementarity of both science.

Psychology and Sociology.In fact, “Tolkott Parsons” – a contemporary sociologist fromSupporters of the career direction in sociology – in its treatment of the social order, but rather brings sociology closer to a scienceSelf.

In fact, “Pareto” clarified the relationship between sociology and other social sciences, especially psychology.He clarified the importance of studying the motivations of individuals in order for us to explain social life and understand the social structure of society. Understanding the factors of social change. Which had a great impact on the emergence of Sociology Psychological.

5- The relationship between psychological sociology and social psychology.

– If psychological sociology is a field of study in sociology concerned with the study of the psychological dimension of truthSocial . Psychology Social, is one of the fields of psychology.

The field studies how the individual reacts to the conditions of the society in which he lives.Social psychology is concerned with the study of how personality and individual behavior are affected by the social environment.As the research carried out by this science, usually sheds light on the way in which the social environment affects human behavior.


Principles of Sociology Dr. Iman Jaber Shoman

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