Steps to keep your makeup all day long .

How to make your makeup last all day?

Here’s how to extend the life of your makeup.

1. Foundation cream.

“Oil-free formulas remain at their best, as they do not contain the emollient ingredients that can make makeup slip off your face.”But if your skin is on the dry side, you will need to use a moisturizing formula.

To keep it in place, allow the moisturizer to soak completely (for five minutes or more) before applying it onto your foundation. Then layer it with a translucent powder, which will help absorb oils that can speed up the dullness.

2. Eye shadows.

There are two steps to get a lasting daytime look.

Firstly:Apply the base eyeshadow (prime).

Secondly :Use an oil-free concealer, then apply a layer of loose powder.

Preparing the eyelids helps the powder stick.(This trick won’t work if you use a cream shade, which is more fluffy for it.)

For deeper, evening-wear color, simply coat with matching cream and powder shades, applying cream first.

3. The eyeliner.

Liquid pens last longer than dry ones, but if you use a dry pen, all you have to do is place an eye shadow color matching the color of the pen above the eyeliner line to ensure it lasts longer.

4. Blush.

There are two types of blushA type of liquid that comes in a heavier color and has a longer wear, and if you use it, you must gradually apply the color to reach your favorite color.

And the second type is powder, if you prefer powder blush, try a brighter shade than you think you should; It appears that all stages of the evaluation were correct.

5. Mascara.

To get long-wearing mascara you have to buy this waterproof mascara.

6. lipstick.

To ensure the consistency of the red color, first define the mouth with a lip liner.Then apply the lipstick with a brush, which presses the pigment into your lips much deeper than a tube or finger.The brush will also allow you to apply several thin layers

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