Success in life

Franklin RooseveltHappiness lies in the joy of achievement and the euphoria of creative effort”.

There is no doubt that each of us has a goal and a wish that he would like to reach in this life, even after a while, and every effort we do today is nothing but a harvest for tomorrow, and what comes after failure, resistance, determination is a great success that we are proud of

So success is the achievement of the desired result and the achievement of positive results, and it is your guide to personal and professional development through inspiration, motivation and training. Each of us has an idea of success. Some see him as excelling in his studies after staying up late and tired, graduating from university after years, getting a job with a position, buying his dream car, and many more

And to reach success, you have to overcome many difficulties and feel tired

– : Ways and secrets of success in life

1- Defining goals with regard for clarity and pragmatism.

2- Developing an action plan.

3- Enhancing your self-esteem and focusing on your strengths.

4- Thinking in a positive way.

5- Sitting with successful people.

6- Investing time well, such as waking up early to carry out work.

7. Accept setbacks and failures with flexibility.

8- Self-reliance, patience and perseverance.

9- Presence of passion.

10- Self-development

– : A successful person is

• Who focuses on his daily tasks, assignments and assuming responsibilities.

• A social person and likes to sit with them.

• Someone who is positive, optimistic and always looking on the bright side.

• Well cultured, deeply knowledgeable.

• He is satisfied with what Allah has granting of talents, and everything

– : The most prominent international personalities figures who overcame failure

1_Thomas edison

2_Albert Einstein

3_harland sanders

4_walt Disney

5_steven Spielberg

The will is like a force that no one sees and pushes the person forward, and failure is not the end, but rather a new beginning of the pursuit and the achievement of the desired goals. Falling and stumbling helps to strengthen the personality, so a person must always try tirelessly to reach his goals and obtain a status Prestigious and this is a Real success

Success is the message that Allah created us in order to rise in our society and accompany the path of nations, and to achieve ourselves, and life is either a bold adventure or nothing.


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