The benefits of Garden cress for the body.

Garden cress is considered one of the herbal plants known for thousands of years, it possesses many important nutrients for the body such as vitamins, minerals and acids, so it was used to get rid of various diseases such as coughing, constipation and osteoporosis.

The garden cress plant is characterized by the possibility of eating all its parts, whether stems, seeds or leaves, and it is also added to various foods and authorities, and its seeds are widely used, as they can be roasted or cooked before eating.

Active substances in the Garden cress.

People benefit from the parts of the garden cress plant:

▪️ Green leaves contain:glucosinolates, and ascoric acid (vitamin C).

▪️In the seeds: Glucosinolates and cardiac steroids also contain fatty oil and carbohydrates, fatty acids and proteins, vitamins (ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, flavanoids, riboflavan).

The nutritional value of Garden cress.

It is an important source of folic acid, dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium, proteins, phosphorous, iron, vitamin A, vitamin E, proteins and amino acids.

Benefits of Garden cress.

The Garden cress is one of the plants that is used to treat a number of different diseases, and a lot of research has proven the benefits of cress seeds and their effect on the body, because the garden cress:

▪️Rich source of Vitamin E.

▪️ It helps in the treatment of diabetes, as it reduces the level of sugar in the blood. Helps treat high blood pressure.

▪️ Maintains liver health and prevents damage.

▪️ Helps strengthen bones, and speed recovery from fractures.

▪️ One of the most important benefits of Rashad’s love is that it helps treat asthma and pneumonia.

▪️ It helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, and it can also stimulate menstruation, and it can regulate various hormones.

▪️ It helps protect the body from many diseases, as it is considered an effective antioxidant.

▪️ Increased milk secretion after childbirth for a nursing mother, as it helps to increase the hormone prolactin, the hormone responsible for secretion of milk.

▪️ Helps cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates appetite.

▪️ It helps in treating anemia, because it is one of the elements rich in iron, which is easily absorbed.

▪️ Helps in strengthening memory. It helps in treating thinness because it is a rich source of protein and iron.

▪️ Helps increase eye health because it contains vitamin A.

▪️ It is used in the treatment of skin ulcers and skin irritation from exposure to the sun.

▪️ Tonic for immunity general plant parts are used to stimulate and activate the immune system, especially the seeds that help strengthen the immune system.

How to use the Garden cress.

You can eat the cress seeds by roasting them a little and adding them to salad, yogurt or other foods, and you can eat them by soaking them in water or milk (one tablespoon of cress seeds with two tablespoons of milk or water), making them in a jelly-like consistency, and they are eaten or Also add them to different food recipes.

Garden cress side effects.

There may be no health risks when using cress seeds in appropriate and balanced quantities, so the specified quantities should not be exceeded so as not to cause toxicity with high doses that can also lead to irritation in the intestines.

Also, you should be especially careful in the following cases when using cress seeds:

_ In cases of diabetes.

Because the seeds of garden cress have the ability to reduce the level of sugar in the blood, so people with diabetes must monitor the measurement of sugar in the blood, and it can come to adjusting the doses of medicines if the cress is used, after consulting a specialist doctor.

_ pregnancy time.

Avoid the use of garden cress during pregnancy because it causes contractions in the uterine muscles, which may cause miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid using cress seeds.

_ Surgery time.

Because Garden cress lowers the blood sugar level, so it should not be taken before surgery for an appropriate period.

_ In cases of low potassium.

Garden cress can lead to a lowering of potassium in the blood, so people with a deficiency of potassium in the blood should pay attention when using the garden cress.

_ In cases of low blood pressure.

The seeds of garden cress have the ability to reduce blood pressure, so patients with low blood pressure should pay attention when using the garden cress, follow their pressure rates and display high pressure when using it, taking into account this with the doses of medicines that lower pressure, and you must consult a doctor before using it.

_ Benefits of Garden cress for bones and joints.

Many people suffer from pain in the bones and joints, especially the elderly, due to their exposure to osteoporosis, and the Garden cress has many benefits in the health of bones and joints, which we will mention in detail.Garden cress is useful in treating bone fractures; Because it contains high amounts of calcium.

Garden cress is useful in treating arthritis and surrounding ligaments such as shoulder joints, knee joints and their ligaments.

Garden cress is useful in the prevention of osteoporosis, especially in the elderly, where the bones become very weak and subject to fractures quickly when exposed to weak shocks.Protects the joints from calcification that causes excessive roughness because it contains sulfur, especially the knee joint, which is highly calcifiedThe Garden cress treats the pain of the vertebrae in the lower backGarden cress pills are useful in treating rheumatoid arthritis.Garden cress is useful in treating neck pain and the surrounding ligaments and muscles.

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