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The countries of the continent of Australia and their capitals.

It is one of the seven continents of the world, geographically located on the southeast side of the continent of Asia, specifically on the western side of the Pacific Ocean, as it is bordered on the north side by the Arvora Sea, the Strait of Tours, and the Timor Sea, and on the south side it is bounded by the Bass Corridor, and on the east by the Coral Sea and the Sea Tasman, bounded on the southwest by the Indian Ocean, and astronomically located at a longitude of 141 degrees east of the Greenwich Line, and at a latitude of 26 degrees south of the equator. Its land area is 8,468,300 km².


The inhabitants of Australia are immigrants or descendants of immigrants who have come to Australia from 200 countries since Great Britain established its first settlement in 1788 AD. In 1945, the population of Australia was about 7 million, most of them were British, Irish and Scots. Since then, more than 6.5 million immigrants have settled in Australia. Australia has a population of more than 24 million.

Area: 7,692,024 square kilometers

Countries of the continent of Australia

_ Republic of Fiji Suva.

_ Vanuatu 🇻🇺 Port Vila City.

_ New Caledonia, the city of Noumea.

_Nuru, Yarin City.

_ Kiribati 🇰🇮 The city of Tarawa.

_ Solomon Islands city is Nyara.

_ Samoa, the city of Apia.

_Tunga 🇹🇴 city of Nowako Alofa.

_ Tuvalu 🇹🇻 City of Vona Vote.

_Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 Port Moresby.

_ New Zealand City of Wellington.

_ Australia is the city of Canberra.

_ Palaus, the city of Koror.

_ Marshall 🇲🇭 Majuro.


Saudi Cultural Attaché in Australia

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