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The countries of the South American continent and their capitals.

It is one of the seven continents in the world, and it is the fourth largest in the world. The continent forms the southern dry part of the Americas, and is bordered on the north and northwest by the Caribbean Sea, on the northeast by the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The two continents are separated by the Drake Passage, which is located south of Cape Horn or Cape Horn.

South America has an area of ​​17,840,000 square kilometers, or nearly 12% of the total land area on Earth.

The South American continent includes three regions:

1- The Galapagos Islands.

2 Falkland Islands.

3- French Guiana.

Countries of the continent of South America.

The state                       its capital

Ecuador.                             Keto. Argentina.                      Buenos Aires. Uruguay.                         Montevideo. Paraguay.                       Asuncion.

Brazil. 🇧🇷                       Brasilia.

Bolivia. 🇧🇴.                    La Paz.

Peru.                               Lima.

Chile.                              Santiago.

Suriname.                     Paramaribo.

Guyana. 🇬🇾                  Georgetown.

Venezuela. 🇻🇪            Caracas.

Colombia. 🇨🇴              Bogota.

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South America world atlas

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