The environment.

In our surroundings there are living and inanimate things that together make up life. The hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the Earth’s atmosphere are the components of the environment that surround us.The hydrosphere, which is the moist environment that consists of water, covers most of the Earth’s surface.

Environment idiomatically:

All components of natural wealth, including land, air, sea, groundwater and surface water, such as streams, coastal lakes, bogs, and the like, as well as spaces, sites, natural frameworks, and various types of animals and plants.

Seas, rivers, lakes, and under surface waters are all a water environment.

The Earth or what is called the Earth’s mantle is made up of deserts, mountains, hills and flat lands.

The atmosphere around the earth consists of gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen ……… etc.

The interaction of all of these forms a livable environment with unique properties that connect living things.

Not all environments are suitable for us. Even cold or hot deserts do not bind individuals. However, some organisms live in these environments because they have a special adaptation to their environment.

To divide the types of environments, we can mention 3 types of natural, industrial and social environmental environments.

natural environment:

Include cities, villages, factories, and all human formations.

Social environment:

It includes authorities, universities, schools, companies and other institutions along with their legal outputs and communication methods.

The future of the environment is in danger!Instead of improving the land and knowing how to benefit from it, man has depleted the earth’s resources and its ability to destroy or rehabilitate itself and make up for what it has lost.The natural environment cannot in any way adapt to the devastation caused by man, and the mechanisms of years of nature cannot adapt to waste, depletion and pollution of resources.

Everyone suffered either from reduced production and an abundance of food, as a result of astonishing population growth, water shortages and pollution.Or from air pollution and climate change as a result of the development of industry and energy use, without concern, which has led to an increase in the proportion of harmful and toxic gases in the atmosphere such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides, and global warming, which are threatened with sinking if the ice in the Arctic melts.

Causes of environmental pollution.

Day in and day out, we’re looking at pollution, but we can’t fix this problem. Many people do not preserve the health of the environment, because they do not bear any responsibility towards our environment.

First of all, there are a lot of people throwing plastic in parks, streets, water, etc. While plastic is the most dangerous substance from other pollution. For example, plastic cannot decompose for millions of years.

Moreover, water pollution also keeps polluted environment, such as when people throw garbage inside the water, all marine animals die, because they will eat some dangerous chemicals.

Sometimes gasoline leaks from the steamboat into the oceans, and it will create a lagging layer above the water, the oxygen will never reach underwater, so all the sea animals suffocate and die. Finally, if we ignore the water to clean and keep it healthy, then all marine animals will be at risk.

Land pollution is one of the most dangerous pollutants in our life.

First, the most polluting source in the world is the human being, because they can control the earth in all ways, whether it is a healthy environment or a filthy environment.Second, when we bury all the garbage underground, it will create new dangerous diseases for people every step of the way. But if we burn garbage or use explosives in war, it will affect the air and it may penetrate the ozone layer and cause air pollution. In short, all explosions and garbage are harmful to health, so you should give up these dangerous materials.

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