The First AID

All humans are exposed to a certain risk at any given time, and therefore there must be an effective method for temporary treatment that limits the complications that can occur;as a result of the person being injured.

Definition of first aid
It is the primary, immediate and temporary care and care that a person receives as a result of sudden exposure to an emergency health condition that led to bleeding, wounds, fractures, or fainting … etc., to save his life and until specialized medical care is provided to him by the arrival of the doctor to the scene of the accident or his transfer to the nearest hospital or medical clinic. [1 ]

Who is the paramedic?

 He is the person who found himself responsible for another person’s life and had to use his simple knowledge to save that person.[2]

What are the goals of first aid?

 1. Preventing death.

 2. The patient’s condition does not deteriorate.

 3. Helping to speed up the recovery of the injured person. [2]

What are the principles of first aid?

 1. Full control over the location of the event.

 2. The injured is not considered dead just because life phenomena such as cessation of breathing or pulse have ceased.

 3. Remove the injured person from the source of danger.

 4. Pay attention to artificial respiration, cardiac resuscitation, haemorrhage, shock, etc.

 5. Taking care of the case before transporting it to the hospital.

 6. Pay attention to the comfort of the injured person.

 7. Attention to preserving and recording all available information about the accident and the procedures that were followed. [2] 

What are the basics of first aid?

 1. First, immediate action:

 Immediate action is necessary to save a person’s life, because when correct first aid is provided, the rate of recovery will increase, God willing, you have to be calm and control your nerves, because fear spoils everything.

 2. Secondly, asking for help:

 Remember that you are a paramedic and not a doctor, so you need help, so you must call an ambulance immediately.

 3. Third, reassure the injured:

This point is very important. You have to reassure the injured that everything will be fine and that the ambulance will arrive at the earliest.[2] 


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