The most beautiful names of Allah

The Almighty Said: “Allah, There is no deity except Him. To Him belong the best names.” (Surat Taha, verse 8)

Ninety – nine names are unique to Allah, the Exalted, and they are names by which God is called. The beautiful names of Allah are the origin of monotheism, Islamic origin, so for that it bears the name and description of the Creator and in it His greatness, wisdom, and mercy, which Allah give to Himself in His book, And the slave’s (Muslim) knowledge of the names and attributes of Allah – Exalted is the highest – increases his faith and strengthens his certainty in the existence of Allah. Also Allah commanded His slaves to invite and call Him, and considered every denier of it to be an atheist. It helps the Muslim to continue the affairs of his worshipers and gives him patience over calamities, making him confident in God’s defense and management in the matters of his life, no matter how difficult it is, and gives him inner peace and peace of mind

Prophet Mohammed Said: “Allah has nine and ninety names, a hundred except one, whoever counted them will enter “Paradise.

: The most beautiful names of Allah

1- Al-Rahman

2- Al-Rahim

3- Al-Malik


5- Al-Salam


7- Al-Muhaymin

8- Al-Aziz



11- Al-Khaliq

12- Al-Bari’

13- Al-Musawwir

14- Al-Ghaffar



17- Al-Razzaq

18- Al-Fattah

19- Al-‘Alim

20- Al-Qabid

21- Al-Basit

22- Al-Khafid

23- Al-Rafi

24- Al-Mu’izz

25- Al-Mudhill

26- Al-Sami

27- Al-Basir

28- Al-Hakam

29- Al-‘Adl

30- Al-Latif

31- Al-Khabir

32- Al-Halim

33- Al-Azim

34- Al-Ghafur

35- Al-Shakur

36- Al-Ali

37- Al-Kabir

38- Al-Hafiz

39- Al-Muqit

40- Al-Hasib

41- Al-Jalil

42- Al-Karim

43- Al-Raqib

44- Al-Mujib

45- Al-Wasi

46- Al-Hakim

47- Al-Wadud

48- Al-MAjid

49- Al-Ba’ith

50- Al-Shahid

51- Al-Haqq

52- Al-Wakil

53- Al-Qawiyy

54- Al-Matin

55- Al-Waliyy

56- Al-Hamid

57- Al-Muhsi

58- Al-Mubdi’

59- Al-Mu’id

60- Al-Muhyi

61- Al-Mumit

62- Al-Hayy

63- Al-Qayyum

64- Al-Wajid

65- Al-Majid

66- Al-Wahid

67- Al-Samad

68- Al-Qadir

69- Al-Muqtadir

70- Al-Muqqadim

71- Al-Mu’akhir

72- Al-Awwal

73- Al-Akhir

74- Al-Zahir

75- Al-Batin

76- Al-Wali

77- Al-Muta’ali

78- Al-Barr

79- Al-Tawwab

80- Al-Muntaqim

81- Al-‘Afuww

82- Al-Ra’uf

83- Malik-al-Mulk

84- Dhu-al-jalalwal-al-ikram

85- A-Muqsit

86- Al’Jami

87- Al-Ghani

88- Al-Mughni

89- Al-Mani’

90- Al-Darr

91- Al-Nafi

92- Al-Nur

93- Al-Hadi

94- Al-Badi

95- Al-Baqi

96- Al-Warith

97- Al-Rashid

98- Al-Sabur

99- Allah

Belief in the names and attributes of God has many effects that appear on the personality and behavior of a Muslim, including the following :

1- Love of Allah and Prophet Mohammed.

2- Reassurance and tranquility of the soul, for what the Almighty said: “Those who believe and those hearts are reassured by the remembrance of Allah.

3-Fear of Allah, may He be Exalted, for humans knows that Allah does not conceal anything small or big. He feels that Allah is watching him in all actions, and then he does not disobey Allah in any action, no matter how small, and in return he knows that every good he does, he will be rewarded with good in this world and the hereafter.

4- Generosity; He is not afraid of spending because he knows that Allah is a generous provider, so He protects himself.

The beautiful names of Allah are arresting, as it is not permissible for us to call Allah; Glory be to Him, except for what He called Himself, in the Holy Qur’an or in the authentic hadiths

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