The subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the main store of the person concerned with that information that is not stored in the memory, such as the feelings and feelings that we have experienced, as well as the experiences and ideas that we have formed through our experiences in life ..

It is the part of the mind (the brain) in which the person retrieves things from his personality, behavior and beliefs and also is the behavior or sexual instinct and the psychological person. It is similar to the memory in which a person retrieves everything that happened to him in his life, but to determine the correctness of the mistake or store something for reference such as leadership and others. That is, the unconscious awareness, which are the motives and determinants of behavior and personality.

The term subconscious mind was coined by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist best known for developing psychoanalytic theories and techniques.

The conscious mind stores one or two information only per second, while the subconscious mind has the ability to store approximately 2 billion information per second !!

The task of the conscious and subconscious mind.

The task of the conscious mind is to analyze the incoming information, scrutinize it, and choose the right one.

While the subconscious mind is only tasked with storing without analyzing any information, it cannot analyze nor know which information is correct, but it nevertheless controls feelings, sensations, sexual and psychological instincts and experiences that we have.

The subconscious mind is the ground of everything that is happening around us. If we train it and channel it good and useful things, our life will change completely and we will become more confident and successful in all aspects of our life and we will be able to improve our understanding of all the events we are going through, and with it we will reach the perfection we want so we must be careful From thinking about the negatives so that they are not reflected in our reality, but rather we must always think about the positive.

Three basic tips to enter the world of your subconscious mind:

1- Finding Your Essence – Meditation.

Meditation takes you deeper into your consciousness, allowing you to enter a state that is more like a dream. Your brain patterns become slower and more organized, and the noise and chatter of everyday life begins to turn away.

2_ Listen to your creativity.

Your unconscious mind prefers to talk to you without words. Words have something to do with your logical conscious mind – where your unconscious mind prefers pictures, music, and sounds. Because listening to the creativity in your unconscious mind may help it express itself.

3_ Follow your instincts.

When you are trying to make a decision or encounter a specific problem, the first thing that comes to your mind is most likely your unconscious self-talk. Usually when this happens, you will be unable to explain why this is feeling or why you did not think your decision was correct. But in fact, those decisions we made in the blink of an eye are of incredibly high perception and subtlety.

How to recognize the belly of the mind.

To know the subconscious, you must know the laws that govern the subconscious.

The laws of the subconscious mind:

_The Law Responsible for Equal Thinking: Things that you think about and see like will appear again.

_Transcendental Law: The external world is influenced by the inner world you believe. For example, your positive thinking will influence the outside world, confirming what you think and vice versa.

_Law of Reflection: The inner world is affected by the external world. A kind word is given a kind word and vice versa.

_ The Law of Concentration: Any focus you will have on yourself, your feelings and your feelings, for example: if you focus on happiness, you will feel and feel happy and vice versa.

_The law of expectation: Whatever you expect in your feelings will be influenced by your external world.

_The law of faith: Anything you believe in in your feelings and feelings will go deep into the unconscious and subconscious mind of the subconscious mind.

_Cumulative Law: The more thinking about something more leads to accumulation in the subconscious.

_The law of causation (action and reaction):Each cause has its own result. When a cause occurs, make sure that the same result occurs when the cause recurs.

_The substitution law:It is used to change any of the previous laws of positive thinking.


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