Tips and drinks to slim the waist from fat.

Achieving a perfect body is one of the things that concern a lot of people, so they seek in every way to reach that, and perhaps the waist area is one of the most important areas of the body that reflects the consistency and beauty of the body.

Having a slim waist and a slim body is the dream of many women, so that they resort to all methods that lead to this, and may overlook the consequences that may harm them health, as they may resort to surgeries and unhealthy diets. If you want to slim the waist and buttocks in natural ways to get guaranteed results, we offer you healthy and effective ways to slim the waist and get an ideal body.

What is belly fat?

Before we talk about slimming the waist, we must first know what is the belly fat that leads to an increase in the size of the waist.

Belly fat takes two main forms:

▪️ Subcutaneous fat, which is the type that can be seen just under the skin.

▪️ Visceral fat, which is immersed deep in the abdomen and wraps around the organs.

Although the first type of fat is easy to notice, the latter type poses a much greater health risk, and even if you are not overweight, you can still mobilize a lot of visceral fat, as visceral fat causes a lot of inflammation and can, over time, increase the risk of the following :

▪️Cardiovascular disease.


▪️Type 2 diabetes.

▪️Breast and colorectal cancer.

For those who have a waist full of fat and want to slim it, these are some tips to slim the waist, advised by doctors and nutrition experts.

1. Follow a proper diet.

Scientific research has proven that eating whole grains with fruits and vegetables helps reduce body fat, especially since whole grains are healthy and do not contain harmful preservatives, which effectively helps in getting a slim waist within a week.

2. The quality of the food, not the quantity.

The majority of women think that feeling hungry and eating less of any type of food helps them lose weight, but this is a misconception. Weight loss depends mainly on the type of food and not on its quantity, and this proves that some people may eat small amounts of food, and despite that they gain weight, and may eat larger quantities of another type and not gain weight. This is due to the percentage of calories it contains.

3. The importance of fiber to slim the waist.

Fiber is an essential element in a healthy and balanced diet, as it helps to move the intestines and thus reduce bloating in the abdominal area, and it also makes you feel full, which relieves the feeling of hunger and eating less food. It is recommended to mix different types of fibers, whether dissolved in water, such as barley, oats, peas, apples, carrots, beans, citrus fruits, or not dissolved in water, such as wheat, nuts and green vegetables.

4. Stick to basic meals.

Avoid dinner as much as possible, and not eat heavy meals after 5 pm, as well as never neglect breakfast, to prevent eating large quantities of food on food, especially since the body naturally intends to store fat in the abdomen and waist if it is prevented from food for a long time .

5. healthy foods.

Nutrition experts advise those who want to slim the waist to stick to healthy foods that do not cause the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and waist, such as vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, such as wheat, oats, brown rice, and drink drinks that increase burning rates, such as ginger, green tea, Cinnamon and warm water with lemon.

6. Playing sports.

It is recommended to slim the waist that exercise should be an important part of the daily routine, specifically waist exercises, such as jumping ropes, aerobic exercises, squatting exercises, bending exercises and others that help burn calories and tighten the waist muscles.

7. Get enough sleep.

One of the important steps that should not be overlooked to slim the waist is to get enough sleep, at least 8 hours a day, because it helps regulate metabolism and not store fat in the abdomen. Several studies have revealed that lack of sleep reduces the level of leptin, the “satiety hormone” and doubles the level of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone.”

8. Drinking water.

Drinking a lot of water suppresses the appetite, which helps to lose weight. It is recommended to drink two glasses of water, warm water, before each main meal, to reduce the amount of food consumed and to discourage hunger. Lemon juice can be added to it, because the latter helps burn fat, especially the fat accumulated in the abdomen and waist.

9. No fast food.

Refrain from eating fast food because it contains large amounts of saturated fat and calories that cause obesity in the abdomen and waist areas, such as pizza, shawarma, burgers, sweets, sweets and ice cream.

10. Eat snacks.

Snacks help lose weight and slim the waist, due to their ability to control hunger and not overeat during the main meals, provided that it is a small, light and healthy meal, such as eating an apple or 5 to 10 almonds.

How to slim the waistline.

▪️ Leaning on the hands and knees, then raising the right leg so that it is straight with the level of the torso and raising the left hand so that it is straight with the level of the shoulder at the same time as the left leg is raised, waiting for some time, then switching the right hand with the left leg.

▪️ Stand on the feet with the legs spread parallel to the shoulders, then lower the hips down while keeping the upper part straight and tight. This exercise can also be repeated 20 times, and it is possible to carry weights in both hands to be extended forward during the descent and ascent.

▪️ Stand straight with the left feet apart and the right in front, then lower the back knee until it reaches the floor and bend the front knee in conjunction with the hands that carry 3 kg upwards at an angle of 90.

▪️ Standing on the feet and hands 3 kg in each hand, then slowly tilting the body forward until it is parallel to the ground and raising the left leg back until it becomes parallel to the ground on the body straight, and after keeping the hands down for five seconds, they are slowly moved to the sides at the level of the shoulders, And keep this position for another five seconds, then switch legs and repeat the movement again.

▪️ Lie on the back and raise the legs and feet so that the body is in the shape of the letter L and the legs are perpendicular to the hip area directly, then push the hips away to the top, taking into account the importance of not swaying or bending the legs. This movement requires flexibility in the knees and the hip area.

▪️ Jumping rope is important in slimming the waist, because it raises the metabolic rate significantly, and works to tighten the body, it is effective in a double, and jumping rope can be associated with twisting the waist to the left and to the right. This complex movement leads to tightening more muscles, especially the hip muscles. This will burn a lot of calories during exercise and will have the effect of burning body fat for several hours after exercise.

Waist sculpting drinks.

1. Green tea.

is one of the distinctive healthy drinks and contains many wonderful features that greatly benefit the human body, as it contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer.

Other than the wonderful features that green tea has, it contains very effective in burning body fat. There are many different studies conducted on the results of green tea and it was found that people who consumed tea for 12 weeks lost more than 7 pounds of weight, or about 3.5 kg, as It is the best drink for sculpting the waist and rumen.

This is due to the fact that green tea contains high levels of catechins, and antioxidants that increase the process of burning fat in the human body effectively without the need to eat it for a long time.

2. Ginger.

is one of the very popular drinks, as it works as an effective remedy to get rid of nausea, arthritis and cold.

However, several studies conducted on 10 men with a significant increase in body weight found that ginger is an effective factor in losing body weight, after dissolving 2 grams of ginger powder in a cup of hot water and eating it with breakfast on a daily basis.

In order to be able to lose weight by eating ginger, you must eat about 5% of ginger powder on a daily basis and continue to do so for one month only, and you will get a great result after that, as it is the most popular drink for sculpting the waist and rumen.

Ginger is characterized by not only losing weight, it works to reduce appetite, which makes you do not want to eat in large proportions, which helps to lose weight effectively and in a very short time, it contains satiation properties that do not make you want to eat.

3. Cinnamon.

This spice is a one hundred percent natural way to lose weight and reduce waist circumference. The consumption of cinnamon will trigger the thermogenesis process that raises the body temperature and makes it resort to using its reserves of stored fat to produce the energy it needs to restore the body temperature to its normal level and make it stable. Cinnamon also has an effect on regulating the level of sugar in the blood, which prevents fat storage and avoids the desire to eat snacks and sweets. Cinnamon also helps to regulate the intestinal transit better, and not to store fat in the cells around the abdomen by enhancing the process of burning it by the body.

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