What are the symptoms of Nyctophobia.

Some people have a state of fear and dread in being in dark places, and the matter may aggravate to a psychological disorder known as   “Nyctophobia.”

Nyctophobia is a psychological disorder in which people suffer from a feeling of extreme panic towards dark places. It often begins in childhood and worsens with age.

The degrees of fear differ from one person to another, there are people who are very afraid of dark places, to the extent that it may have negative effects on their normal life later.


Of  NyctoPhobia The main reason behind this psychological disorder is the inability of the person to see the things around him, and what is going on around him, which makes him suffer from some illusions and hallucinations, that make him panic towards dark places.

Symptoms of NyctoPhobia, fear of darkness.

Of course, it is not a requirement that everyone who is afraid of the dark suffers from phobia and tension, as fear of darkness is a natural feeling for humans.

But there are some symptoms that indicate that fear of darkness is a psychological state and one of the types of phobia, here are the most important symptoms of fear of dark phobia:

▪️ Never go out at night.

▪️ Loss of self-control due to fear.

▪️ Feeling as though you might lose consciousness or die from fear of the dark.

▪️ Tension and intense panic if you are in dark places.

▪️ Constant and constant fear of the dark.

▪️ Avoid various activities that require being present at night.

▪️ Fear of darkness at night when going to sleep, and even this negatively affects sleep and may cause tension and insomnia.

Physiological signs appear in response to and reaction to intense fear of the dark. Such as:

▪️ breathing difficulties.

▪️ Accelerated heartbeat.

▪️ Pain and tightness in the chest.

▪️ Defibrillation.

▪️ rotary.

▪️ Stomach upset.

▪️ Sweating.

▪️ Feeling cold or hot.

Risk factors.

Fear of being in dark places begins in childhood, between the ages of 3 and 6 years, and there are some factors that increase its severity until the matter worsens to the phobia of darkness, including:

1. Children rely heavily on their parents to fulfill their tasks.

2. Scare kids out of dark places.

3. Genetics, may make children more susceptible to developing phobias.

4. Stressful life events: If the child is exposed to a frightening accident, such as: traffic accidents, or any type of frightening injury, this may increase the risk of developing a phobia.

Treatment of NyctoPhobia, fear of darkness.

The treatment depends on the psychological impact of the person who suffers from the phobia of fear of darkness, and since the phobia of fear of darkness usually begins at a young age, some tips can be followed to reduce the phobia of fear of darkness, including the following:

1.Accustom the child to darkness gradually and not surprisingly and terrifyingly.

2. Cognitive behavioral therapy, which includes patient conversation by medical professionals and family members.

3. Practice relaxation techniques and deep breathing.

4. Take medications, such as: anti-stress and depression medications.

NyctoPhobia and its relationship to sleep disorders.

There is a close relationship between NyctoPhobia and various sleep disorders, such as insomnia, as some recent studies have shown that some people can sleep in bright places in the midst of noise, without developing sleep disturbances, compared to sleeping in quiet dark places.

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