A new technique that has appeared in the beauty and cosmetic market, which is the face lift with threads, as this method is based on inserting very fine threads into the fatty tissue directly under the skin, using very thin needles, and then these strings are tightened in specific places on the face, which need To tighten, let’s get a taut face right after the operation. The effectiveness of threads differs from one woman to another according to the elasticity and vitality of the skin, as well as the age of the woman.

What is thread face lift?

Thread lift is one of the non-surgical face-lift techniques in which threads are used to tighten parts of the face such as the cheeks, eyebrows, the lower mouth area and the neck in order to improve the shape of the face, eliminate wrinkles and give a youthful appearance to the skin, and it is done under the influence of local anesthesia and takes about an hour.

Several types of threads are used to perform this operation, including permanent results, which last more than five years, and temporary ones, whose results last from one to two years. There are several types of threads used to tighten the face, which differ in shape and type, as well as some of them that dissolve inside the tissues and some that do not dissolve, and here are some types of threads used to tighten the face.

Types of facelift threads.

▪️ Face lift with golden threads.

  The face lift with golden strings has been famous in recent times due to its effective effect on the skin and the ability of golden strings to produce fibers and collagen, which results in building new tissues that increase the thickness of the skin, which leads to the renewal of the shape of the skin and the removal of sagging and wrinkles, and it is one of the temporary threads that dissolve in the skin, And its results last for about a year and a half.

▪️ Aptus filament.

They are feather shaped threads that are the best and safest, as they have been approved by the World Health Organization for use in skin tightening purposes.

▪️ Cog strands.

It is one of the very distinct strands not only because it works to tighten the skin, but also because it helps the skin to produce collagen, which gives the skin a more youthful and beautiful appearance, in addition to its quick-appearing results, as the initial results begin to appear during the same process and last for up to two years, and will not return. The complexion is as it was after that period, but the condition of the skin improves than it was before the tightening.

▪️ Mono yarn.

It is a suture used mainly for medical purposes, but the possibility of its use in cosmetic procedures has been discovered and it has proven successful in the field of face and chin lift.

▪️ Knotted strings.  

They are strings with small knots that are several millimeters apart, and are often used for sensitive skin that does not tolerate other types of threads, and are used to lift and tighten the face.

▪️ Transparent polypropylene yarn.

They are strings made of transparent polypropylene, which are non-absorbable and are completely safe on the body. They are placed on the lines and inserted through small incisions above the hairline so that they are not visible.

The benefits of face lift with threads.

1. A non-surgical procedure that does not require surgical incision, stitches, or general anesthesia.

2. The results are impressive and span several years.

3. Most threads are tissue-soluble, so they are not dangerous to the skin.

4. After the effect of the procedure is gone, the skin is left in a better condition than it was before the procedure.

5. It does not only tighten the skin, it also helps to thicken the skin for those who suffer from thinning.

6. It is used to tighten all parts of the face such as the cheeks, eyebrows, lower jaw and neck.

7. Its costs are low compared to the surgical procedures used for the same purpose.

Who is suitable for face-lift operations?

Facelifts are considered to have a short-term and immediate effect that can be applied especially after the age of 25. It can be easily combined with skin peeling and skin care procedures to provide distinctive skin quality to combat aging and external factors that negatively affect the skin. With quick, temporary procedures such as Botox and Fillers, Autologous Fat Transfer, or Laser Peeling. Thus, a more effective result is obtained from face-lift operations.

In certain periods of life, some changes in the body structure and hormones may be subjected to natural or psychological reasons resulting from daily stress or due to the crises that we may experience sometimes all of which are factors that weaken the body’s resistance and reduce Collagen production in the body.

This means the emergence of laziness in the muscles, lack of resistance to gravity and relaxation of the skin. This predominant group of people are among the beneficiaries of facelifts, so every person has the right to get a new opportunity to change your life for the better.

The most important preventive conditions for the period before the operation.

to avoid bleeding and blood loss during and after face-lift operations. From the instructions before the face-lift operation, we recommend that :

▪️ you stay away from aspirin and drink green tea and stop the contraceptive pill and hormonal drugs in women at least a month before the date of the operation.

▪️ Vitamin E is also among the drugs that cause bleeding, we recommend not to take it before the operation and stop smoking to speed up the Wound healing and non-inflammatory.

Among the instructions after a face-lift.

▪️ apply ice after face-lift operations to speed up the healing process and reduce puffiness.

▪️ Leaving the hospital on the second day after facelifts.

▪️ Sunglasses can be brought in to hide facial bruising and puffiness upon discharge from the hospital.

▪️ One of the most important instructions after a face-lift operation is not to dispense with a medical corset that presses the stitches and protects them from swelling.

The sutures are removed from the face and eyelids within a week, and the metal sutures are removed from the hair on the tenth day. You can shower after two days of a face-lift operation, dry the sutures, clean them with ear cotton carefully and apply an antibiotic cream. It is normal to feel numbness on the face that will disappear within a few weeks. You must brush your hair gently, use skin conditioners on the skin of your face without the site of the stitches.

Among the instructions after the face operation, you should avoid strenuous exercises such as strenuous housework for at least two weeks. The longer the rest period, the better. You should avoid the sun and polluted air in order to reduce the effects of the stitches.

Activities such as alcohol, saunas,  should be avoided for a few months. Sunscreens should be used regularly for up to 6 months. Swelling and bruising will disappear within 3 weeks. Generally, it is possible to return to work in the second week.

Risks and complications of thread lift surgery.

1. Smiling or laughing should be avoided for two weeks from the date of the operation, so that the skin over the strings grows accurately and mixes with the tissues.

2. In some cases, the thread is tightened excessively, and this can be fixed by massage.

3. There is a possibility of asymmetry occurring in symmetrical locations, such as a difference in the tension of the right cheek and the left cheek.

4. There is a possibility of nerve damage, because the surgeon cannot know the exact anatomy of the tissues without performing surgery.

5. If the surgery is close to the nose, it is possible to penetrate the sinuses.

6. One end of the thread may come out from one of his heads and appear to be visible, which is annoying if the patient feels it.

7. Skin twists may occur, and visible scars may appear on the skin.

8. Threading cannot be used in the case of large wrinkles, sensitive skin and dry skin as well.

9. The skin may not respond to the thread materials used, and in this case, bruises or infections may appear on the skin.

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