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What is the largest building in the world?


The size of a building is not only determined by the height, but it can also be defined by the area it covers. If asked, the majority of people might say that the Dubai-based Burj Khalifa is the largest building in the world. However, there are several other yardsticks to use when analyzing the biggest buildings. One of these is the size regarding floor area. By land area, the New Century Global Center in Chengdu, China is the world’s largest building. It covers a total of 18.9 million square feet.

New Century Global Complex, China- 18.9 Million Square Feet.

The New Century Global Complex is a multi-purpose building located in Chengdu, China. With a floor area of 18.9 million square feet, the New Century Global Complex is the largest building in the world by floor area. To better understand the building’s immense size, it is three times the size of the American Pentagon which measures 6.45 million square feet. The building was developed by Chinese company Entertainment and Travel Group (ETG) and was opened in July 2013 and took three years to complete construction. The New Century Global Complex is home to several hotels, a skating rink, a university and a water park with its artificial beach measuring 5,000 square meters.

Inside the Global Center.

The Global Center is multi-use architecture, designed as a destination, a small city, actually. Within its glass walls, underneath the 24-hour artificial sunlight, is everything a traveler needs:

▪️Two five-star hotels with “hot spring spots” and a variety of restaurant choices.

▪️ Both a sandy beach and a “first-class ice ring”An aquarium .

▪️ “One of the largest fashion malls in China” in a Mediterranean style .

▪️ 7.75 million square feet (720,000 square meters) of deluxe office space and conference centers, including advanced security, 16 entrances, above- and underground parking, and an environment “so intoxicating” that “business will become a way of life here”.

▪️ 14 screen IMAX movie house.

▪️ A water park with a pirate ship.

▪️ When you enter the lobby, over 200 feet high (65 meters) high and over 100,000 square feet (10K square meters) in the area, apparently you smell the sea.

▪️Paradise Island Water Park.

Global Center developers are proud of the “artificial seawater” and the biggest “indoor artificial waves in the world.” The promotional video declares that “the waves are powerful and exhilarating.”Above the artificial ocean is the “largest indoor LED display in the world,” a way to parade digital scenery, 150 meters in length and about 40 meters high. In addition to projecting sunrises, sunsets, and “twilight afterglow,” the display enhances the evening’s “fantastic music and dance shows.

“The city of Chengdu and its environs comprise millions of residents living and working hundreds of miles from the sea. This provincial capital is one of the most populated in inland China. The Paradise Island Water Park was expected to be an enticing local draw, if not a high-tech reward for party members of the People’s Republic of China.

▪️ WhiteWater Family Raft Ride.

The developer of the Global Center enlisted the Canadian company WhiteWater West Industries Ltd. to design the Paradise Island Water Park. The WhiteWater company, “the original waterpark & attractions company,” has a menu of products from which to choose. New Century Global Center includes AquaPlay™ Rain Fortress, Abyss,™ Family Raft Ride, Whizzard, AquaLoop,™ Ropes Course, Freefall Plus, AquaTube,™ Wave River, and Double FlowRider.

▪️Surf’s up Inside the Global Center.

The New Century Global Center in Chengdu, China is hundreds of miles from the ocean surf, the real ocean surf. This simulator, however, allows visitors to practice their balance and get the feel of a continuous wave. Even if you don’t have a chance to choose the wave, you can get some exercise. The surf is always up at Paradise Island Water Park.

▪️ Rolling on the Lazy River.

Under the glass sky of the Global Center, the Paradise Island Water Park includes 1312 feet (400 meters) of artificial coastline and 1640 feet (500 meters) of river rafting. The promotional video says the Center provides “a platform through which the new god-favored land communicates with the world.”

▪️The Color of Harmony.

Colorful tubes and water roller coaster slides give the Paradise Island Water Park the look of an indoor carnival. The Global Center is promoted as offering “harmony, openness, broad-mindedness, and approachability to the people.”

▪️ Rooms With a View.

The Intercontinental Chengdu Global Center is the hotel chain within the largest building on earth. Rooms overlook the sandy beach, just like the real thing. Easily book a room from an online service like or, but then you’ll have to travel to the middle of China to enjoy.

Chengdu in Sichuan province is often cited as a more laid-back city than its East Coast sisters. For years its been known for the Chengdu Panda Base, a research and breeding facility for the giant panda. Americans may recognize the province more for its cuisine. As part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), Chengdu is a City of Gastronomy.

Developing the Global Center was an attempt to bring Chengdu into the 21st century, “transforming Chengdu into a world-class, modern city of idyllic beauty.” It was promoted as a “tourist destination where history and modernism harmonize.

“At the beginning of China’s prosperous 21st century, Chengdu sought to be “looked upon by the world with respect.” Can architecture command respect? It’s been done before. The Greeks built their temples, a classical architecture revived by Wall Street.

▪️A First-Class Ice Ring.

The New Century Global Center, with a self-contained climate, is a world unto itself. A visitor can shop in a Mediterranean style village, take in the surf and sand in a salty breeze, lounge beneath palm trees filled with colorful stuffed exotic birds, and then go ice skating.

The New Century Global Center is part of a larger building project for the city of Chengdu, China. A central plaza called the New Century Plaza is “both graceful and majestic in design” connecting the Global Center with a contemporary museum designed by Pritzker Laureate Zaha Hadid. The New Century City Art Centre, set off by musical fountains in the Plaza, may be the only “architecture” of note.

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