Who is the Kalim of Allah

Mousa – peace be upon him – was blessed with great grace and a great honor that God – the Mighty and Sublime – singled him out for a profound wisdom that only he knows, which is his speech on earth; When Allah Almighty honored him and spoke to him from above the seven heavens directly, without revelation or human mediation, like other prophets and messengers.

And the Clem of Allah is our master Mousa – peace be upon him – the son of Imran and his grandfather Jacob – peace be upon him, and he is what Allah Almighty revealed to the Children of Israel to guide them to the unification of Allah and not to associate with Him. One of the most famous stories.

The story of the Prophet, Kalim Allah:

The story of our master Mousa – peace be upon him – begins when the pharaoh saw in a dream that a fire coming from Jerusalem will burn the Copts and leave the children of Israel, so the pharaoh went to the priests, to explain what he saw in a dream, and their interpretation was; That a man from a country would be a reason to end the rule of the pharaohs, so the pharaoh was afraid of interpretation, and ordered his soldiers to kill everyone born from the children of Israel, so our master Mousa – peace be upon him – was born during that period, so his mother feared that the pharaoh would kill him, so Allah Almighty inspired her to nurse him, And to put it in the coffin and throw it in the river, then reach the palace of the pharaoh, to be picked up by the wife of the pharaoh, so Allah Almighty sent down his love in her heart, so she insisted on raising him after she was barren, so the pharaoh agreed to that after receiving a reply, and the Prophet of Allah Mousa – peace be upon him – was refusing Which nurse can breastfeed him, so the pharaoh’s wife searched for a woman who would accept her milk, so the sister of the Prophet of Allah was working in the palace, and she consulted the pharaoh’s woman in a nurse who might accept her milk, which was his mother who breastfed him before she threw him in the river, so Allah returned him to her, raised and lived In the pharaoh’s palace.

Where did Allah Almighty speak to Mousa?

The upper call with which Allah Almighty honored Mousa, peace be upon him, occurred at the right valley, which is a valley called Tuwa, and it was said that it is a valley in the land of Sinai in the land of Egypt; It is a blessed and pure place as evidenced by Allah Almighty’s description of it as the holy, and Mousa, peace be upon him, heard the verses of God Almighty and Majestic there.

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